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MeanGirls has been a member since 07/14/2014
We are THE MEAN GIRLS and we've come to Niteflirt, just to embarrass, tease, objectify, and humiliate you.
We are Vicki and Erika, and we have several humiliations listings so that we can gang up on your sorry ass.
We figure we get extra points if we make you cry. Or even beg.
We delight in making losers pay for being the little ass-stain that they are, and will to make you beg and cry to please us.
Want to jerk that little willie? LOL. As if. We know what you are, little chronic masturbator. You can't get enough of women like us making fun of you.
We'll strip you down. We'll watch you on cam. We'll laugh and laugh and tease and laugh some more.
Think you're a match for two beautiful woman who can run rings around you? What are you going to do, hmmm? Flop your dick at us? Umm, yeah right.
We know we have the upper hand. We've always had it. We've always known each other all our lives. We've always worked together as a team, humiliating, teasing, degrading, debasing, denying men. So what's not to like?
Once you find yourself in our clutches, you may find you can't get us out of your head. You'll keep replaying all the things we've said; all the insults we've sneered; all the times we laughed at you. And you'll lust for more. We're a bad habit you won't be able to get rid of very easily.
Then there's always our Wall of Shame. Losers like you count themselves fortunate to be there. Some even pay for the privilege.

And here is our Niteflirt blog, where we talk about humiliation fetishes, and highlight our Losers of the Week.
Here are some of our favorite fetishes that we are knowledgeable of and offer. If you don't see what you'd like to discuss on our list, you may email us and ask.
Humiliation ~ Forced Cocksucking ~ Forced Cum-eating ~ Creampies ~ Making you a sissy slut ~ Lingerie ~ Foot and leg worship ~ Ass-worship ~ Strap-on play ~ Tease and denial ~ Chastity ~ Being a size queen ~ Small penis humiliation ~ Vore ~ CFNM ~ Guided Masturbation ~ JOI ~ Ruined Orgasms ~ Anal Play for you ~ Faggotizing Lessons ~ Sadistic Torture ~ Aliens ~ Tentacles ~ Power Play ~ Full examinations ~ Measurements ~ CBT ~ Prostate Milking ~ Forced cum-eating ~ Restraints/Straightjackets ~ Sadistic Medical Experimentation ~ Medical Interrogation and Torture ~ EST ~ Tens units ~ Infectious Diseases ~ Forced Feminization ~ Torture Porn ~ Hormone Treatments ~ Body Modification~ Implants ~ Asphyxiation ~ Forced Feeding
We will watch you make a fool of yourself on Skype as well. Here is how to get our Skype ID:

If you've called us before or made a purchase of over $3 we will give you the Skype ID free of charge. Just email us and ask.
Please note, we will not get on cam for you, but will watch you.

Here is a 10-cent PTV list of our rules for watching you on Skype, and how we set up a 3-way call for you. You don't have to know how to do it. We can set it up from our side of the fence.

Here is what we WILL NOT DO, SO DON'T ASK
Cum for you. Yes we do get excited by humiliating losers but you don't deserve to hear us cum.
Play with each other.
Give out free minutes or pictures. Unless you're a good boy. Then we'll see.
We also have lots of audios and interactive goodies and PTVs for you, if you are too scared to talk to us in person.
Or just miss us when we're not online. Or you want to tribute us for the goddesses you know us to be. You can find those all on these listings:
MeanGirls Humiliation MP3's and Goodies
MeanGirls Interactive Goodies and PTV's
MeanGirls Audio Teasers

All excited now and need some release for your humiliation fetish?

What are you waiting for? Give us a call!

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