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GamerGirlLara has been a member since 03/12/2011
Soo, I totally have to admit something. I may be just a TINY bit spoiled and have a ITTY BIT of Princess complex. Okay, so the story goes, I grew up in a very wealthy family and pretty much have always gotten MY way. I was never really NORMAL so to speak. I mean don't get me wrong I loved dressing up, glittery things, jewelry, and other expensive and often unnecessary things. My room was covered in pink and my bed had a canopy. In that way, maybe I was the typical Bratty Princess.

What was super funny though, was that I was kinda a closet nerd. Everyone always sees me as this cute little glamorized Bratty Princess, but I have a whole secret side. *giggle* Okay maybe I have TWO secret sides. . . But I will get to that in a little bit! So scattered among the walls were posters of Star Trek. I was also the first girl on my block, wellllll, MY TOWN to get a computer. I would also pout like a Spoiled Bratty Princess so that I would be the FIRST ONE to get every new Nintendo, Sega, Playstation and, eventually, Xbox. So you are totally thinking, ha ha Girls can't game, well that's what all the other boys said. . . .I'd let them win a few times, making them feel all macho, then I would squash their massive egos. . . . *giggles*

So the general point is that I am REALLY super-duper use to getting *MY* way *ALL* the time! I suppose that is where I learned to be such a perfect Bratty Femdom. I guess I have always enjoyed making boys do exactly what I told them; from luring them into my prima donna playhouse to dress them up like the perfect pretty princess to laughing at the small dicks of boys all through high school that tried so hard to get with me.

As your most perfect Bratty Princess and Femdom, I am a NATURAL at small penis humiliation obviously. I mean the only normal response to a tiny little dick is to laugh! I personally love BIG, thick juicy cock and, of course, that is what I truly deserve.

You? You can be my little plaything and pet. You can make up for the lack of girth in cock with a uber girthy wallet. You can be me little money pig and submit yourself to the financial domination of your Bratty Princess. You know you want to give me everything I want, since you can't really please me in any other way. LOL!

Okay, so obviously I can be a very evil Princess...but if you dare, we could play some cum eating games. I have always loved forced cum eating. I never really knew it was a fetish till later -- I just thought it was funny to tempt silly boys into boys that *I* knew they would loose and then watch them strip like pathetic losers to jerk-off, knowing that they would be tasting their cum. I am sure for most it was the most humiliating experience, but I just laugh at them.

I have really only glanced over the surface of how awesome I am and of the list of fetishes, but you will just have to give me a try. *giggles*