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I don't enjoy emotionally messing around with the minds of men who are horny and feel the need to jack off while listening to the sound of my voice ... But guess what, you are entering my arena and you will play by my rules. I am the queen and you are just the mouse underneath my feet. I really don't like saying that kind of stuff, but some of you only respond to women treating like you were something on the end of my shoe. Why?

Learn to control yourself and don't think for one moment you are going to push me around or I will whip your ass emotionally like your brain was cottage cheese. (This is only because a woman needs to stick up for herself!) AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR! I am taking time out of my busy schedule to talk you, so you will respect my ground rules or go find some other woman you can chat with.

I will only tell you what I want to tell you and will only answer your questions if I feel like it. You only get once chance to please me, because if you piss me off .... I will block and cut you out of my life forever!

I don't do phone sex, so don't bother asking. I am however a dominant woman that is only here to straighten your life out. I do need the money so I figured I might as well do something positive with this sick talent you men find such an attraction to.

I'm a go go dancer in New Jersey and if you hopped around all of the hottest clubs, like Burbon Street, Heartbreakers, Satin Dolls, AJs and Shakers, 13 years ago then you know exactly who I am. I'm looking to build up my following again to get back into this business. If you want to see a girl that rocks ... then send me an email and I'll let you know when I'll be doing my shows. If you want to see more photos, then pick up that damn phone and call me so I can pay to get them done.

Vixxen Sexy : - )

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