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Home alone and want to play!
Nasty next door lady wants it all!
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cum slut
This is me. I'm real and love to play!

Love the taste of young cock!
needing you to keep me company.
If You want to talk about taboo subjects
You've only got to call me.

Call me, lets play!
A Story for you...

"Hey Mrs. T - how ya doing?"

Looking up I see your young hard body, your hair messed up from your afternoons play
reaching out I wipe the perspiration from your forehead, gazing into your eyes

"fucking whore" You grab my wrist, twisting it behind my back as you push me towards the house, Your young hard body bumping hard against mine I feel your hard cock pressing against your shorts.

grabbing my hair you begin to shake my head, wrapping your fist tightly, the knot tight against my head as you lift me off higher, pulling me to my tip toes as You press Yourself even hard against my body, then higher, holding me upwards, my feet no longer touching the ground, i hang in your hold, looking at you, trembling as you gaze into my eyes....

"fucking slut, you want me as bad as I want you don't you Mrs. T"

Forcing me through the door of the kitchen, you use my hair to force me to my knees, hand still wrapped in my hair as you reach for your hard cock, taking it from your shorts, twisting my head upwards, forcing my eyes to Yours

"you fucking bite me Mrs. T and I'll knock your fucking teeth out you fucking whore!"

jerking my head hard with a shake You force your young hard cock deep down my throat, choking me as i gag hard against you, wetness forms between my legs as my bladder releases from the violence in my mouth, thrusting your cock deep and hard into my throat, grabbing at your legs in an attempt to maintain my balance, i find my hands wrapping around your ass, cock deep in my throat, i convulse against you, i feel my stomach begin to heave, the response primal as the wetness spreads again between my legs, piss puddling between my knees as i hear Your voice command, raw and raspy

"grind your clit Mrs. T, grind it hard NOW!"

The feel of your hands grasping my throat as my own hand presses hard against the clit, the grind intensifying as your hand closes tighter against my throat,

"harder bitch"

- the fire begins to spread thru my cunt, rubbing harder and harder, pressing the clit against the bone, with burning sweet pain forcing fingers deep into wet pussy, pressing into the wetness as the clit is scraped hard and deep, i begin to loose control, feeling the floating of release as i look at your young hard body, my eyes begging, snot and tears mixed on my face. You take your cock from my mouth and begin rubbing it against my face, slapping my face with your cock, i continue to grind my clit, my tongue attempting to lick your cock, taste my own deep throated mucus, thick as you rub against my face, then twisting my head back grabs my throat and hair forcing your young hard cock deep down my throat, i feel the wetness of orgasm spread throughout me as you command

"cum with me Mrs. T, cum with me nowwwwwwwwwww"

the feel of Your cock as it swells, spilling hot cum deep into my gut, i feel my own release as i cum spraying hard against my hand......

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