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Today Sandy called me asking me have I started planning my Birthday party for this year. "I really haven't thought about it," is what I told her; and I really haven't. She was telling me about her ideas and I told her that I'll leave all the planning up to her ... and she seemed to be fine with that. But my 50th Birthday ... that was nice, real nice! Thank god I got four nasty little sluts for my dick to play with that night ... Sandy, a very young married whore that hasn't tasted a big black dick; Desirae, a young fine ass slut that like to play girl on girl, a real twisted little bitch nothing's too big when she is hot and wet and going berserk; just tell her hot little ass "Pony up bitch" and her smooth slick pussy will ride your dick and give you a real liquid love shower from her spurting pussy. 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I bent Desirae over doggie style so her face was in Lisa's wet pussy and as she started to lick Lisa I enter her. Classic ass cheeks, nice and round-the new standard of butt beauty. I fuck her slow and deep and i wet my finger and work it into her asshole nice and deep, as she glance around and say nothing, that innocent face makes me work my dick harder and deeper in her pussy. Fucking her was glorious but I don't want to cum, I pull out and flip Lisa over into a doggie style and she breaks into a smile and then start to kiss Desirae hard and deep, then it gets messy as they both want more. I give Lisa's asshole a little flick of my tongue for good luck. She reacts the same as if I'd goosed her, but then adds; "Don't do that unless you mean it." I savor this exquisite moment as I crouch behind Lisa, palming the two most magnificent cheeks?any woman can have. 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