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pleaseprincess has been a member since 02/18/2011
you want to please me, don't you? you can't help it, you have to make me smile.

I am manipulative, out-of-your-league, easily-bored and almost impossible to impress. a cuckold collector, a forceful feminizer, a public humiliater, a spoiled princess, and sometimes just looking for a good wallet fuck.

you don't have a chance. but you really, really want one.

no matter what you do it will never be enough. no matter how hard you try or how perfectly you execute your tasks, you will never get the attention from me you want. you know that going in and you still can't stop yourself from trying.

I cannot help my effect on you. without lifting a finger, without even looking, I am all you think about. you run, and run again, only to find yourself back at my feet, realizing that you cannot fight it.

it is okay to give in. it's alright, Jessica controls you.

I have different tracks available that I will be adding to when I feel like it.

cuckold track

the cuckold track is for all you pathetic little perverts who get off on imagining me with someone else and actually want to pay to be tortured by my sexual escapades. *laughs* it's hilarious. you know you can't have me and you still can't stop yourself from begging to be used to pamper my delicious and unattainable body. i love taking money from my little cuckolds and giving them nothing in return except maybe the briefest glimpse of what they're missing.

this training is meant to be done in order. do not do a level 2 exercise until you have completed level 1, and so on. especially do not go on to a level 3 exercise until you have completed exercises in both levels 1 and 2. it will start to teach you how to be a good little cuckold for me.

wallet domination