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manwhohastopay has been a member since 02/10/2002
REVISED 28 June 2017 [b]IMPORTANT: None of the provisions in this profile statement apply unless they are live on this statement AT THE TIME they are enforced. Figures within asterisks relate to the currency of the country where the escort resides - sterling, US dollars or euros, unless stated otherwise.[/b] Until further notice, ALL payments, for whatever purpose, including session fees, pay-mail fees, deposits, tributes and tips (and whether on NF, AW or any other site, including auction and findom sites), attract a MANDATORY non-refundable [b]HANDLING CHARGE (increased to 12.5 per cent with effect from 28 June 2017)[/b], which MUST be paid in addition to any agreed fees. ANY payments that this SUCKER should make will [b]NOT BE VALID[/b] unless they are accompanied by the handling charge. Any payment that is proferred without the HANDLING CHARGE added, even if in error or because of a genuine mistake, [b]WILL NOT COUNT!!![/b] and should be confiscated for NOTHING. The FULL liability will remain. [b]Handling charges should not be claimed. They are REQUIRED to be paid automatically, without being asked.[/b] On NF they may be paid, where appropriate, as an added TIP. Any fees and payments of whatever nature, including any session fees (and including continuation or extension fees or fees for cumming during a session), that should be handed over without the additional handling charge will be retained by the recipient but will not be valid for any purpose. Handling charges are valid ONLY if handed over AT THE SAME TIME as the fees or tributes to which they relate. If a handling charge is handed over late, it will be retained by the recipient, but IT WILL NOT COUNT. Please note: Once a booking has been made, handling charge is payable even if the provision is subsequently withdrawn and the rate of handling charge that must be handed over will be the HIGHEST of that applicable AT THE TIME THE BOOKING WAS CONFIRMED or any higher rate that might be posted subsequently, even if later reduced or withdrawn. [b]WANKS CREDITED TO ANY INDIVIDUAL ARE ALWAYS CHARGEABLE, WHETHER IN A SESSION OR OTHERWISE. A 'wank' is defined as activity of whatever nature that culminates in the imminent probability of a cum, whether or not a cum is the actual result. Touching or fondling which does not create the imminent probability of a cum does not of itself count as 'wanking'. A 'wank permit' is a permission to cum and is indistinguishable from a 'cum permit'.[/b] [b]MISTRESS HAS THE RIGHT TO TERMINATE ANY SESSION AT ANY TIME[/b], irrespective of the time paid for. You have the right to demand that Your fee is paid at the door and, once You have taken Your money, to refuse admission. ONCE TAKEN, NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. (In case of any complaint or resistance, just quote reference 'COMPLETE SUCKER HA HA HA - you PAID FOR NOTHING' and direct the SUCKER to this rule.) Permission to cum is NOT included in agreed session fees. Mistress may decline to allow a 'happy ending' or may make this available as an optional extra. An appropriate cum fee will always be charged - Wanking is NEVER free and an appropriate cum fee must ALWAYS be paid. In a face-to-face session, the non-returnable cum fee is required to be paid BEFORE cumming and will NOT be returned under any circumstances, even if there is no cum and/or Mistress chooses to end the session prematurely. During an in-person session, there may on occasion be money secreted inside the underpants or around Dick and his balls. If You should find such money You are entitled just to laugh in the sucker’s face and confiscate any or all of the money for nothing :(( ** ALL PAYMENTS MADE BY OR CONFISCATED FROM MANWHOHASTOPAY ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ** my name is sam. i live in London and use the moniker 'manwhohastopay' because my fetish means i sometimes have to accept instructions and do as i am told by suitable women who turn me on. i am 69 years of age, about 5ft 8in, 210lb, professional . . . but i am ruled by my Dick, who will deliver me into the hands of a SLIM, sensuous, sexy woman who knows how to tease me and who knows just how relieve me of my cash without even raising a sweat. There are restrictions on which women i may session or have relations with. [b]WANKS ARE ALWAYS CHARGEABLE[/b] On occasion, i have been known to have the urge to meet a woman as if i were visiting her in a hostess club, night club, clip joint even, or table/lap-dancing club - and be charged accordingly, even though there may be only the girl and me present . . . together, possibly, with one or more of her sexy girlfriends to extract even more of my cash. Lapdances by a particularly skilful slim practitioner who really knows Her business (and how to extract the maximum financial reward for minimum effort) can be dangerous, but what a turn-on! i love slow, erotic tease, especially by a gorgeous woman who is clearly in control. When i'm very turned on i am useless at resisting temptation, at saying no. Making me OVERPAY and then exploiting my stupidity and treating me like a sucker is horrible . . . and yet when dick allies himself with a woman i am helpless. * Mistress will normally choose to remain clothed. * i may not touch Mistress without permission, though She may touch me if She so chooses and may do whatsoever She decides with me, including, if She sees fit, corporal punishment. [b]A safe word will neither be offered nor recognised.[/b] [b]CLAIMABLE TRIBUTES[/b] If You are listed below with asterisks and a figure by Your name You may claim payment to You of that amount as a TRIBUTE for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as harrrd Dick will have determined that i have to pay YOU :(( Please note that You MUST quote the correct reference code to claim a tribute. Payments that i make will not be valid unless they are accompanied by the prescribed non-returnable HANDLING CHARGE. [b]Any payment that should be made without the HANDLING CHARGE being added, even if in error or a genuine mistake, WILL NOT COUNT and should be confiscated for NOTHING. The FULL liability will remain.[/b] Handling charges do not need to be claimed. They have to be applied by the SUCKER automatically, without being asked.[/b] [b]WANKS ARE ALWAYS CHARGEABLE[/b]