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Mistress Katie Bishop

I'm Mistress Katie Bishop, a pro-Domme escort who's now bringing her total domination to you in phone sex and video form. Lucky you!

As a Domme, I'm vicious, primal, like a goddess hunting and devouring her prey. I make my subs and slaves succumb to my will entirely, taking all your self control so all you're left with is my control. When you're listening to me, you will instantly obey every instruction and command I give, without thinking or hesitation.
Sometimes, if you're lucky, depending on how you look at it, you'll find me in the mood where I make my slaves cum, over and over and over, until I'm entirely satisfied. You'll be drained dry, begging for release, for me to stop, but you don't get to stop until I tell you to, until I decide you're done.

Other times, I'm a harsh fucking Mistress and you won't get to cum at all. I'll work you up as you follow my every command, pushing you closer and closer to the edge, but never letting you reach it. You'll be left panting, disoriented, desperate to cum, but again - you follow my every word, and you don't get to cum until I tell you to; if I tell you to.

In other calls, recordings, and videos, I'll describe the many, many different ways I'll use you, abuse you, fuck you. You'll be facefucked brutally, your face covered in spit, tears, and cum - sometimes even covered in smudged, running makeup like the fucking sissy slave you are. Your ass will become mine to use how I please, when I please. Your mouth, too, is mine, whether it's occupied with my cock or whether I'm sitting on your face, smothering you, not allowing you to breathe until I'm done.
There are many ways I like to use my slaves, but you'll have to call or buy a bag to find out.

So, what are you waiting for? Give me your money, because you know I deserve it more than you do, and you know you deserve to be my slave, and you know you deserve to be fucking used and abused in any way I desire. That's the punishment you know you need and deserve, and you won't be left disappointed.