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My name is Goddess Empress; and I am a findom. I am both your ruler in spiritual and earthly matters. From now on, instead of going to church you will come to Me--if you're worthy. I am a Black Goddess well worth My weight in gold.

Do not message Me asking what I can offer you--your message should highlight your value to Me.

I am a Black Feminist, which is NOT to be confused with a Black Female Supremacist (although I recognize My worth), educated Ebony Goddess pursuing My PhD at another elite University. I mention this to emphasize a few points:

1. I appreciate discretion on account of My own career trajectory, so I am considerate of piggies with social positions that require discretion and prudence. However, I will evaluate the necessity of discretion per My own judgement. Do not think that there will not be consequences if you do not prove yourself constantly worthy of My grace.

2. I don't like stupid pigglets.

3. I never demand what I do not deserve. I am presenting you with the opportunity to worship Me, giving your worthless life the ultimate significance. My decision to allow a select few pathetic piggies to exist under the gaze of My recognition is the ultimate form of service, a sacrifice greater than any of you deserve.

If you imagine yourself worthy of serving me, you're wrong. You will never be worthy. And, if you are unable to leave your male entitlement at the door, then hit the back button NOW and save us both time. This is a Womanist space. you do not get to make demands of Me; you are not allowed to have expectations beyond the privilege of drawing breath, a privilege which I grant you while you are in My space. Recognize that if I permit you to pay tribute, it is your honor, expect nothing in return.

You will not objectify Me for your worthless male pleasure. In fact, I am barely interested in -your- body aside from the labor and pain it can tolerate for My benefit. Although I will be well compensated for My time, don't be stupid enough to think that you are worthy of seeing a Goddess scantily clad. Those of you familiar with Greek mythology know what happens when a man gazes upon a Goddess naked....

This site was created to allow my primary pigglets the opportunity to communicate with Me while paying for My time. If you are interested in applying to become one of My main piggies, be warned that the application process is intense, and most of you will fail. .

Reasons for Interest: If Woman is Biblically "cursed" by God to serve man, then the act of claiming My role as Goddess, thus usurping the role of God (a man), is the ultimate act of perversion. I enjoy inversion just as much as I enjoy perversion, so I also find pleasure in using kink to subvert the application/hierarchies of social constructs. Capitalism thrives on the exploitation of gendered and racialized bodies, hence the reason social stratification is both gendered and racial. As a Black Woman, the thrill of subverting external social construct via kink is exhilarating (e.g. reversing/attaching those constructs to male bodies). Just as male doms recognize the power of sexuality when seeking control/ownership over female subs, just as they feel -entitled- to not only make sexual demands, but to use their patriarchal claim to sex/power when seeking to control their Female subjects, I recognize the power/importance of money over men, and I have no shame in My tactics. Also, I'm suspicious of men who use kink to seek more power/dominance than the world already gives them, and I know that about seventy percent of male doms are on too much of a power trip to be intentional about their tactics. While I have My rules etc., I'm not foolish enough to negate that you come to Me as a person first, and that any arrangement must be mutually beneficial in order for it to succeed. I do not treat all of My pigglets alike, giving no regard to their individual personalities/ticks etc. Consent is the foundation of any good interaction, and I will only treat you as badly as you agree to be treated ;)

If you are unable to meet the above requirements, but would like a bit of My time, pay tribute and request to speak with Me. The rule of entitlement still applies. I do not pity you for having the privilege to pay for My time.

Air-wasters, leave now.