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englishpup4Kizz has been a member since 11/14/2009

Princess Kizzy is a special Princess on NF with many devoted followers. It pleases Her to offer, for Your amusement and abuse, and for Her gain, Her bitch.

It will do as You command or face Her wrath and all money will go to Her, (the full call value, not just the commission).

A message from Princess Kizzy.

This creature is in many ways quite pathetic but it is utterly devoted to Me and it is rather fun for Me and My friends to laugh and giggle as we abuse it.
You see it is sooooo pathetic that we can degrade and humiliate it at will, and the more we do, the more it seems to love me.

Now i have decided that it is time to move things on a little, and to share its patheticness whilst gaining from it at the same time.
So here is the deal; Call my bitch and have Your fun with it - men, women, everybody join in.
It WILL obey You, no matter how much You wish to torture and degrade it, for the penalty of failure is severe.

It is not gay, but who cares, make my whore do anything You wish! LOL

I have decided, due to its patheticness to make it a very cheap whore; 99cents for men to abuse it and free for the ladies - see how to abuse it for free (and even to get a gift), below - but i will not lose out because of its patheticness - i will be taking the full call vale, not just the commission from this piece of meat.

So keep its ass busy, have fun and help me to take this whore to its lowest possible state.

I will be reading ALL feedback and reward, train & punish it accordingly.

And for the Ladies, a special offer
For calling to abuse my bitch, it will firstly refund Your call cost and secondly buy You a gift or tribute in thanks, so You gain also.
And fear not it will not be at my expense as I will still take the call cost and take a gift or tribute of equal value to Yours.
So everyone's a winner (at the bitches expense) - a fun way to get those new shoes or that evening of drinks paid for!

Leave feedback after You have finished with Princess Kizzy's whore so that She can use it to train it to serve better or punish its failings.