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YourHeartsQueen has been a member since 03/30/2015

Address me as Mistress Redd or Redd Queen. I am twenty six years old and I have been exploring the world of BDSM for nearly a decade now.

That's right subs and slaves, if you want to be My court jester or royal pet I can provide you with a harsh verbal lashing or sensual textual experience
but the chances that you will ever meet ME face to face are slim to none. Don't like it? Tough. You'll take what I give you and be grateful for My time.

In case you haven't caught on yet, I can be a bit of a Brat and even though I'm Queen I expect to be treated like a proper Princess.
I enjoy banter, wit, and humor but I'm not afraid to cut the crap and lay down the law when it comes time to punishing My naughty underlings.
I have an extremely low tolerance for bullshit and will call it out when I'm faced with it. That isn't to say that I go out looking to nitpick or cause a fight.
Every once in a while I happen across a big stinky pile of dung that just can't be ignored and when that happens I tend to get vocal.
Be straight with Me and I will be straight with you. If there's something on your mind, spit it out. The worst that could happen is you piss Me off and get smacked.
In the long term though, I will appreciate and respect you for being direct and honest with me instead of pussyfooting around the issue.
Got it? Good. Now maybe we can move on to the dark side of what it means to be Redd Queen.

I can alter My methods to meet the needs of pets and jesters when I decide they've earned it.
I can be a kind and loving Queen or I can crush My playmate's most tender parts beneath the point of My shiny red heels.
You get what I decide you deserve. But just because I am the one running the show doesn't mean you should be afraid to give Me your input.
Tell Me what you like, tell Me what you don't like. I can't promise I won't use the latter against you but once you've opened yourself up to Me,
there's a better chance that we'll both get O/our rocks off.
Maybe not though, I love punishing my pets with lengthy spells of forced chastity.

Psychic seduction and relaxation techniques are of great interest to Me.
I get a kick out of using nothing more than the sound of My voice to reach through the phone with enough power behind it to make My partner tremble and beg on the other end.
I'm also told I'm quite skilled at reaching through the screen with My words to caress those graced with the opportunity to read them.

Do I have you squirming yet? Good. Do you want Me to be your Queen? Don't get ahead of yourself. I will only accept the best.

Things that will earn a potential pet My favor:

*SugarSubs. What can I say? I have quite a sweet tooth and I deserve to be pampered. Only the best for the Queen of Hearts.
I have a busy schedule and pets willing to satisfy My financial wants and needs are naturally going to get more of My attention than the bums who think My time is cheap.

*Pets open to psychic seduction and hypnotism. Again, what can I say? This is an area that I am quite interested in exploring.
Open your mind, your soul, indeed your very heart to my embrace. Surrender to your Queen!

*Literate pets. Nothing turns Me on more than a playmate who understands the power of words and writing.
If you're literate, there's very few limits to the perversity available to us through a proper exchange of prose.

*Pets with toys. What do you have hidden in the back of your closet or under your bed? Cock rings? Vibrators? Maybe even an anal plug or two?
I just adore making my pets play with their toys. I might even make you order a few more just for when we play.

Here is a list of a few things I can't stand in potential pets:

*Lewd photos and suggestions that I have not given you permission to make, let alone send to Me.
If you bother me with lewd photos when W/we don't know one another, I'm gonna ignore you.
The same goes for messaging me out of the blue with propositions that you haven't put in the effort to earn.
If you send me a message and don't get a response, take a moment to re-read what you sent and see if you can figure out where you've gone wrong.

*Illiteracy. I am a snob when it comes to literacy. I expect proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.
If you can't take the time to write out a legible message to Me, you aren't worth My time. Obvious errors will be met with punishment. Repeated errors will be dealt with harshly.
Can't be bothered to type a coherent sentence? Then you better be ready to pay handsomely so it'll be worth my while.

*Deadbeats and losers. Do you have a job? A car? Your own place? If you answered no to any of these questions,
you'd better have a damn good reason and yes I will be expecting an explanation. I can't be bothered by people who aren't going places in life.
If you're not on your way to success or already there, how can you possibly expect to provide your Queen with everything She deserves?

*Stubborn Subs. A bit of resistance is understandable and can even be enjoyable from time to time. I take pleasure in wearing a strong willed playmate down.
But if you don't intend to accept your role without a lengthy struggle, you had better damn well find a way to make it worth My time or you'll find yourself dropped so fast it'll make your head spin.

Still excited? A little scared? Don't worry, those feelings are natural! Send me a message or drop me a line.
I can't promise I won't bite. But I'm sure you'll enjoy it if I do.