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YourDarkGoddess has been a member since 03/02/2009
I am your Dark Goddess, Pomba Gira. I am a beautiful woman who is insatiable. My worshipers concede that my wrath can be wicked & strong. I am the woman who is unashamedly in control of My own sexuality. I am NOT to be trifled with. I shall be persuaded by My followers with gifts, most especially items that gratify My vanity or satisfy My vices. My worshipers like to say that if you don’t treat Me well, your Dark Goddess, Pomba Gira will turn your life upside down.

The sound of My voice is enough to put you in your place and we both know were that is. On your knees, naked, begging to please your Dark Goddess, Pomba Gira. You will come to learn that insuring My Happiness is your #1 priority. I know you long for control; you desire for Me to take away all your choices since you’ve spent so much time making pathetic mistakes that still leave you longing. I declare that you were born to serve Me, to submit to Me & to lay at the feet of your Dark Goddess, Pomba Gira. I shall possess you TOTALLY! I find great pleasure in talking about all the many sides of all the BDSM fetishes… I am sure you will share things with your Dark Goddess that you never you could say aloud. As I will make you addicted, terrified, anxious and obsessed with becoming a personal play thing for My entertainment…

Dark Goddess, Pomba Gira ETIQUETTE: (Read Carefully!!!)


1. Introduce yourself and speak to Me with respect, for example: "Goddess Pomba Gira, it is a honor to speak with you my name, is Jon Doe", be prepared to briefly describe what you are or what you are into.

2. There is no guarantee that I will be able to accept your call immediately as My life doesn’t revolve around the telephone. I have a real life so you may have to wait for Me or schedule an appointment via email.

3. If you are interested in any fetish or aspect of the BDSM world than I invite genuine requests. As I have always said you never know if you don't beg.

4. If you must hang up abruptly, be respectful and excuse yourself. I shouldn't have to remind you that you should NEVER hang up on your Dark Goddess, Pomba Gira. Make sure that you leaving positive feedback as I love reading how much you are addicted to Me…

5. Finally you must accept the natural order of service to Me: you exist to delight Me, obey My every command, serve My every needs, wants & desires as well as pamper and entertain Me.

I know what you need it is to be controlled by your dark Goddess, Pomba Gira! To have Me a true life Goddess make you into what a real slave, someone who can truly entertain My wants, needs & desires... If you like being teased and humiliated then be sure to give me a call... I will make you willingly surrender control to Me as I lead you on your path to submission. Whether you crave to crawl to My feet to worship Me, to have your ass spread open and fucked by Me, to suffer pain for Me, or to be humiliated by Me, I will find your weaknesses. Yes, I know the POWER I have over you. No, I WON'T use that power responsibly. I will make you wish you where a twin so that you can worship Me 24/7 as well as work 24/7 to keep your new addition...