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And you are an easy mark...

Little dick? Old? Fat? Arrogant? Perverted? Homo? Wannabe Faggot? Ugly wife? Boring marriage?

All of the above????? LOL!

PERFECT!!! your just the kind of "man" I seek

You could never have me, so if I show you a little attention, you'll be putty in my hands. I'm young, sweet and you think I'm innocent. That's exactly what makes you easy pray.


Look at my young lithe body, thick blonde hair, perfect white smile, youthful spirit, a tight frame you'd LOVE to climb!!! You see girls like me at the mall, at a game, at the bowling alley...and you crave look at them even though you are way too old.... I have a rock hard stomach, no fat...a typical hard-body that you can only dream about. Keep dreaming asshole.

I look young and cute..and I am..., but what you won't find out until its too late is that I am a ruthless heartless barracuda with a wicked giggle and a craving to toy with you.

You'd do anything for a little of my attention and I know it! And I'll make the most of it...all my recordings feature the real me...clever, tormenting, endlessly teasing you, BLACKMAILING YOU, tricking your pea-brain, making you crave me and humiliate yourself for me...I laugh at your little dick and pathetic body...and guess what, you come back for more because a little attention from me is better than no attention at all.

What would you do to kiss my firm ass or little toes, ya middle aged freak? And if I let you be around me, what will you do to make me laugh? I'll teach you how to humiliate yourself before me... You'll have no choice really. You'll be pulling your little teeny weenie and licking up al your jizz like the oinking pig you are....  LOL. Look at the pictures above, dumb-ass, think about hurts you  ~ you want it so badly...  

       pooooooooooor baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby!!


Now pick up the phone and make me some money like the obedient, slobbering, ass-licking small-dicked , cuckolded, secret faggot, prissy-pussy boy idiot we both know you are.