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YouWillCallMeSir has been a member since 04/22/2012
Welcome to my page.

Who am I?

The first and only thing you really need to know is...
You Will Call Me "Sir"

I am one of the most real, serious, and unique dominant women you will ever come across. Not only on NiteFlirt, but period. This is my life and I live it fully. The fact that I am available is a privilege to the select few who will be lucky enough to talk with me.

My time is limited as I am a powerful, career-driven, professional who doesn't have time to play games.

Let's understand one another:
I do not need your money.
I do not need your attention.
I do not need anything from you.
But you need me. You crave my control and approval.
And you have been looking for someone like me for a long time.

I come online to relax and entertain myself so if you want to serve as a toy for my pleasure you should present yourself to me, but know from the start that this is why I'm here.

If I am not enjoying speaking with you, I will tell you so and you are free to find someone else who better suits your needs.

If you want to catch my attention then call me or send me an email but follow these rules when you do so or you'll soon find yourself out of my good graces:

  • Address me a Sir. I am a woman but I am a powerful woman and as such I deserve to be called the title that I want, not the one you like. If you want to better understand why I prefer the title "Sir" you may ask me - politely!
  • Tell me about yourself and your experience (or lack thereof) in serving or being a slave.
  • Tell me what you can offer me that sets you apart from the crowd.

    Don't think that you can fool me. Your true colors will come through after one or two calls, if it even takes that long - and if you're not a sincere submissive who wants to please me, follow orders, and actually be submissive I will be able to tell and I will not speak with you further.

    Only the highest quality of slaves need apply. Unless you just like being verbally abused and humiliated for being so pathetic because I won't hesitate to tell you what I really think of you. But more than likely I will just hang up and refuse to speak to you if you bore me.
  • Nota Bene: HTML is NOT my strong suit. If you are a submissive who would like to provide me the valuable service of making this page look nicer, please send me a message and we will speak.