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THEMistressVixen has been a member since 01/26/2005
MistressVixen's Voice of Gold!

I am very EXPERIENCED and comfortable with Domination in ANY ASPECT or FETISH arena. I love to make you "Sissyfied" or do any ADULT fun activity to make you feel the need to find Release!? Then come to me! I will withhold what I wish b/c I know it is what you need and what you want deep down inside, To play fantasies all-, icluding cuckolding, Queening, and more Mysteries for those who crave the pleasing and knowing of me. I am free, passionate and a force of Nature.

I am Beautiful. I am real. YES, those are MY pictures. Drewl over them, wipe it up kindly, then call, and I will tease you and entice you!

I WILL make you what I wish, in our fantasy world OF "THEMistressVixen" or as you may come to know me, Vixen! - Soft Smile.

I am the epitome of Passions and Down to Earth Intelligence and fun!

I am quite real and I am experienced in SEX and BDSM and fun for ADULTS only who are aware of what they are doing. Period. If I sense even a modicum of change that YOU might be underage, SAD will it be for you. I will report you. Simple. It is the rules, and you are NOT adult enough to converse with me about any fantasies. Period!

I love the POET, the SLAVE, the PowerBroker, and the lilboy headspace within you! KNOW THAT!

THEMistress Vixen enjoys a variety of ways to crush and teasingly tantalize you...

Such as:

  • Boring Punishments and writing assignments
  • Tease and Denial
  • Bondage
  • CBT/NT-CBT-expertises
  • When allowed, IF I allow it- To have you take MY SPECIAL Brush, so thick to brush and then Comb through my hair, slowly, carefully and when I request it!
  • Fine China Serving and Training on how to be of pleasurable service to me!
  • Queening
  • Play Piercing
  • Fantasy
  • Chastity Training
  • Cuckolding
  • Financial Domination
  • Role-Play Domination
  • TENS Play with Vibrators, Electrical Play, all very experienced
  • Strapon Play-Domination
  • Play Roleplay scenes
  • Play ______________
  • Wrestling fantasies
  • Play of almost anykind
  • Medical Play Domination
  • Training and Play
  • CB 2000-3000 chastity devices-You buy it I will train you how to Use it safely!
  • HYPNOSIS with great skill. Visualisations -planned is best.
  • Sensation Play for other Professionals or Dominants for release, stress release or pleasure
  • Sissification Training and Dressing, Mannerisms-Etiquette
  • Other play I enjoy as it is requested!

I love pleasure in Passions, I AM highly experienced as I hope you can read-see. I answer questions, tease you, give you release when I am ready to, playfully explore sissyfication and don't terrify "newbies"= those men and women who are new to kink-submission. This is supposed to be FUN, and I like respect, but expect fun, information and mindblowing release. WHEN I SAY SO, dawlin.

I am NOT new at the machinations of release and pleasure~for your Leisure..Sometimes you need someone to just LISTEN or ask questions? I am that Woman. I will answer You question, if legal and/or refer you to someone I know of who CAN help you! I wish to earn and To command respect in real life and via the telephone. Call me, you won't regret it! Smiles,

Regards kindly, Mistress Vixen, The Goddess with the Golden Voice!