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THE-ORIGINAL-SNEEZYTIFFANI has been a member since 07/28/2004

Hi everyone! I'm back!!!! The ORIGINAL and never been duplicated all natural and real sneezy girl, SneezyTiffani is back! Can you believe it? The Sneezy Queen is back on KEEN! I will put new and improved recordings and take requests as well. In addition, I will be logging on LIVE so you can talk to me!!!! I can't wait to talk to all of you! If you have any requests for some of your all-time favorites, please e-mail me and let me know!! I look forward to hearing from all of you! Again, sorry for being gone so long, but I'm back! This is the only place you can hear me the hottest, most incredible sneezy girl around!!!! I have missed all of you so much!! Everything makes me sneeze! You name it, and I start sneezing!! Every morning, I wake up and immediately start to sneeze and I don't stop the rest of the day. You've never heard anything like me before :) I'm a sneeze fetishist's dream come true!!!! Guys, please do not hate me for being flighty, forgetful, and sometimes not being around. I swear it is like I sneeze all of my brains out...literally;)!! I promise I will make it up to you in all of my new recordings and LIVE CALLS. Your wish will be my sneezy little command!! Even when I am not around I think of you, with each and every sneeze;)! How can I not, you have spoiled me and made me feel like your sneezy little queen;)!! And YES just in case you were wondering...your sneeze queen is as sneezy as ever. My little nose is as itchy and twitchy as can be. I feel like Samantha on Bewitched;!! My sneezes are outta control, wish you were here to take care of me during my big and wet sneezing fits.Do you;)??