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You WILL be MY Personal COCKsucking Property

FETISHISM OF ANY KIND ~ Erotic Domination ~ Facesitting ~ Entire Body Worship ~ Strapon & Slut Training ~ Humiliation ~ Queening ~ Taboo Role Play ~ Forced Cocksucking ~ CBT ~ Chastity ~ Feminization ~ Cuckolding ~ Lessons & Assignments & Contracts ~ Latex & Rubber Worship ~ Spitting ~ Tease & Denial ~ Breath Play ~ Trampling

You know me my puppet. I’m the TRANSSEXUAL Cockloaded Dominatrix you've dreamed about! The woMAN that will capture your soul. The ONE who invades your dreams. The keeper of your fantasies. I will smother you under my ball sack and make you worship my pretty little titties and tight ass! Like a moth to a flame, you’ll flutter about me knowing you will get burned or smothered.

Get naked, kneel, open your mouth and prepare yourself to become property. This is your destiny. Get ready to become my ritual; bear your soul and relinquish your entire existence to me. This is your purpose.

You will come to me naked in absolute and total submission. You are property now. Nothing but a cum receptacle.

Close your eyes. Prepare yourself. Naked and subjugated to MY will and MY COCK. You are nothing. You are worthless in this feMALE’S world.

Take a deep breath ...
Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale ...
You know where you belong.
There is no turning back. Your MOUTH … AND EVEN YOUR PRETTY LITTLE ASS are mine.

Feel my legs press up against your back. Feel me standing over you. Feel my hands upon your head. I grab a handful of your hair firmly, grabbing it I pull your head back, bend down and whisper in your ear…

Tell me that you adore my fat clitty cock.
Tell me that you exist to suck me.
Your head rings with excitement. You fear you have gone too far. Your cock is raging hard and yet you feel the trepidation in your core…

::: Whispering to yourself :::::
“What will become of me?”
“What will s/he do?”
“What will I become?”

Hair still in hand, I bend your naked body over until your head is cock high. I walk around to your lips, still pressed together, and I shove my COCK pass your lips.

“Kiss it worm!”

Your lips close on it. You suck it a little. You smell me, inhale and drink in the magic that is the essence of my control. You are helpless. You are nothing without me.

I place my foot on your cock, crushing it beneath the toe of my shoe, then shove you away with my foot. Withered and nothing but a groveling piece of man flesh, you tremble with fear and sexual excitement. Your cock is raging beyond your control. You fear getting lost in the unknown abyss of surrender.

“I will take you anywhere, anytime I want.
Your body belongs to me. I will penetrate you in every hole.
Your body is my chattel and my absolute possession.
Like my house and car, you are nothing but property.
No one touches my property without my permission, not even you.
Therefore puppet you must beg permission,
should the need so arise,
that you expel the slime,
any fluid from that worthless piece of man flesh.
I command you to always clean up that mess.
Pull it to your mouth and slurp it clean.
*laughing* Yes, that’s right shithead, if you must cum then
I see no reason why you shouldn’t EAT IT.

Now lift that ass. Put your feet flat on the floor.
Knees bent and ass lifted.
In fact puppet, position yourself so your
worthless man flesh is pointing right towards your own face.
Use the chair or bed, if you must,
but prepare that ass and cock, for me.
Ready? Feel my fat clitty cock sliding up
and down the crack of your tight little hole.
Can you feel it?
Now feel me begin to enter you with the head of my cock,
its fat mushroom head spreading your asslips.
I begin to enter you, penetrating you.
Slowly, slowly, slowly ...
Going deeper, deeper and deeper
until I am all the way inside of you.
Can you feel me slave?
Can you feel my cock inside your man pussy? My titties against your back? *laughing*
That’s right, lover, I own that hole and no one, but no one will
ever use that ass without MY permission
and not without paying me.

You see, my slave there could be so many courses for you to travel. You will not only be my bend over boy but the bitch I rent out any time I need extra cash. *laughing* Yes, my faggot lover, you will be whatever I tell you to be.

Now feel my CLITTY cock inside of you.
Breathe deeply and know that you are being fucked by a man-girl.
That’s right, big wanna be man,

I reach down as I fuck you ... I grab your balls and squeeze them firmly. It all belongs to me ... that cock, that ass, your cum in those balls and even the blood that flows through your veins. I want every single drop ... all of it and all over your face. Its time, my slave to give your offering. To release that faggot essence onto your face or capture it in your hand and drink it.

Get ready, ready, ready ...
Don’t disappoint me ...
Ready, ready NOW!


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