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Hello fuckers!

Let me tell you abit about me. I was brought up on a rough council estate in England by my single mum. We was always skint and men were always coming back and forth using my mum for sex and for a place to stay! When I left school i was a bit of a slag just like my mum but secretly I hated men! I started to see them as perverted disgusting pigs. So now I am here to take all your cash and dignity. You can bet your sorry asses I'm gonna just sit there and laugh and take your money! CHECK OUT MY AMAZON WISHLIST PIGS! WANT TO CAM WITH ME?? ADD MY SKYPE

If you're looking for a completely nasty, spiteful, curvy and beautiful bitch then GO NO FURTHER! I am everything you want in a woman! Yes I'm a curvy bitch and I'll be the first to call myself it! I love being curvy because it means i'm heavy and that means I can crush YOU! you pathetic little man. Whether you're a skinny little weed of a slave that loves being empowered or whether you're a loser with a credit card come my way. I demand to be served and I always get what I want!

*sexy pics included*

I hope you know I am perfection personified! to you I will only be known as your goddess, queen, princess, beautiful enchantress amongst other names of adoration. I am a 23 year old curvy delight, with a gorgeous face. My blue eyes will hypnotize you, my plump luscious lips will empower you. But don't be fooled because I am also the devil in female form. I can manipulate, scheme, lie,humiliate, abuse and break you down! but most importantly I will TAKE TAKE TAKE! You do NOT even exist to me unless youre waving your cash infront of me. I will only pretend to show some morbid interest in you once youve proven what a generous submissive loser you are. I am always right and I ALWAYS get what I want! although from time to time it may take me awhile to get it, during those times though I make people wish they were never born! I have no remorse, no limitations, no compassion or empathy. Read on to the other tabs to see if I can cater for your pathetic sexual need. I will be available nearly everyday so if you think you can get my attention goodluck! loser.

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The most important thing that you need to know about me is I am NOT a dominatrix! dommes are generally well educated creative individuals who cater for the needs of their slaves as much as their own. They portray the image that they are in control but it still realistically all comes down to what the slave is comfortable with/likes. I hear how dommes offer cups of tea and friendly chats before they turn into their mega bitch personna.. well that is NOT me. I AM a bitch and I do not cater for anyone but myself. I take cash because I am greedy and you let me because I am beautiful. I laugh at little cocks and sissy girls because it amuses me to and you let me, again because I am beautiful. I am in control I conduct my sessions the way I want and if I am not getting what I want then I will find someone else to entertain me! WANT TO CAM WITH ME? ADD MY SKYPE