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Whats up all you faggot, tissue ripping, straight God worshipers and occasionally women! I am SideJobJoe, NF's hottest REAL str8, and I offer different types of services! Whether your a fag who needs to be totally cash raped, verbally abused and put in your proper place by a 100% straight, totally superior, pussy pounding, pussy licking, ass grabbing, heterosexual man or if you are a woman in need of some heated erotic chat, I am def. the one to call! I will also be more than happy to fuck your girlfriend or wife while your pathetic, faggot self sits in the corner, watches, and cries the whole time while a real hung stud does the job! I have done it in real life so I am more than qualified! I have gotten laid more by accident than most people have on lie!! A majority of you fags are just no good cash pigs who max out your credit cards and drain your bank accounts for my sick amusement! Whether I am buying different vehicles, paying for my multiple subscriptions to smutty jerk off magazines, paying my bills, going to strip clubs, buying myself new clothes/shoes, or paying for my weekly dates with beautiful hot slutty women, I always get a natural high when I am out spending your hard earned loser cash however I see fit!! If I knew you in real life I honestly would not hesitate to pimp you out and make you suck dick until I had a mansion!!

I am also willing to listen to all your pathetic, vile, cock sucking stories and fantasies and give you my thoughts and opinions on them matters! You might not always like what I have to say about it but... tough shit queer boy!! If you are a cheap fag who is gonna call only once and hang up in the first 1-3 minutes no matter how good or bad the call is you are more than welcome to call as well! Besides, if you are a new caller to NF you get three free minutes so your cheap ass has nothing to lose anyways and believe me when I say that over the course of a year those minutes add up! I don't give a fuck if you wake me up in the middle of the night! As you can see from all my points that are from nothing but phone calls I have talked to a lot of fags in my five plus years on NF so I am more than qualified to rape your mind, soul, and wallet!

Whether you're a repeat customer or have only called once, I sincerely thank all of you who have called and sent mail tributes to the cocksucker confession hotline! They are honestly appreciated and I don't take them for granted! I love working out, sleeping in, and raking in your hard earned fag cash from the comfort of my well heated in the winter, air conditioned in the summer, clean as a whistle, pussy pounding palace... just waiting for the phone to ring ANY SECOND!! Do you honestly think a wimpy, meat gazing faggot such as yourself can interrupt an important guy like me for free and make me listen to you while you are most likely jerking off your pathetic, small, puny, hung like a seahorse cock?? HELL FUCKING NO!!! So if you haven't called yet, I hope to hear from your bitch ass soon!!

When I say I am straight, that means I have NEVER committed a gay act in my life which includes letting a faggot suck my cock! If I did that wouldn't that just make me a faggot? No, you can not meet me in "REAL TIME" to clean my house, kiss my feet, or whatever else your worthless pathetic faggot ass can dream of. If I am that hard up for cash believe me when I say I have a stable of women that will pay me for sex...GOT IT FUCKHEADS?

For all you dumb fags here are the rules!! DO NOT CALL MY .99/MINUTE listing unless you are a REAL WOMAN or you will be blocked no exceptions! I could go on and on about your place in my world but I have an appointment to take on two girls!!****P.fucking S. Being a fag will never be free! Do not even dream of ignoring me and all that I have to offer your pathetic asses at Joe-Mart!****

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