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Some of you have arrived here because you are interested in BDSM and Fetish. You can still go..
Here: All-hearing, All-seeing, Mistress of the World
Here: Sissy your dream life is waiting for you
and here.. Giantess Interdimensional Beings Aliens

Others of you have arrived for a very different reason and this is not a roleplay. I have had My pineal gland Kundalini Spiritual Awakening. My third eye has opened to reveal the Secret Truths. You have been guided here to wake.

This is what I want for you. There are many of us. The Earth is waking. Join us.

(Pt1) What every "Enlightened person" knows, but never talks about...

Pineal Gland Activation and Cleanse Binural

Solfeggio Frequency 174 Hz

The True History

Abraham Hicks: Sex, Kundalini and aligned energies

“The experience of the self is always a defeat for the ego.” - Carl Jung

For those of you who would like to take the journey you can leave your ego behind with My ignore line.

Here: 69 66 Get your Kundalini Connection 88 717 444? 37

I do not speak but The Light hears every word..every whispered thought. What you say or don’t say to The Light I never know. I am the Connection. Anything you ask or can dream of can be yours. You are welcome to contact Me via mail. I will meditate and connect to The Light. I am given esoteric knowledge then allowed to translate it for you.

I’ve often wondered why they woke Me? Kundalini is The Divine Feminine energy and Niteflirt has waves of energy.

Solon “Know thyself," B.C. 600


** Kundalini Psychic Powers **
** Devotion **

** Spirit **
** Magic **
** The Paranormal **

** Telepathy **
** Intuition **
** Tarot **

** The subconscious mind **
** Astral Beings **

I am grateful for the abilities granted to Me by The Light.

Nikola tesla. Why did Tesla say that 3,6,9 was the key to the universe?

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