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MistressEcho has been a member since 02/01/2005
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My pets will come to know pleasure through pain.

Be ready to suffer greatly.
My slaves-submissive-sissy's must be ready to give Me everything
I Desire, the moment I request it.
Give until it hurts pet.
Then give some more.

You Will learn how to Worship Me
You Will Amuse Me.
Shall I prepare to Feminize you?
Or fun little game of Blackmail?
I do know everything about Chastity!
How about some Fingernail & Hand - Foot - Leg Worship
I love to Smoke and always need a ashtray
Humiliation is what I do best
MMmmmm self inflicted Bondage per MY directions
Teasing & Denial & Release Manipulation
Do as I say WHEN I say or else!
Dildo & Plugs Training
Paid mail games with a sadistic twist
Nipple torture
Domestic Servitude
CBT (Cock & Ball Torture)
Slut Training
Forced Intoxication - I love drunk sluts!
Forced Feminization

~~~LIVE Mistress WebCam sessions can be arranged ~~~
I will watch you on webcam
Yahoo,MSN, Aol, Eyeball,Paltalk

all MY screen names.

Make sure you have all your toys ready for ME to pick from!


I am as Real as it gets

Have you ever really thought about all the costs a Domina incurs
behind the pictures you see on a her web site? This is a VERY
expensive lifestyle! Clothing, shoes, boots, toys, equipment, web
hosting/design, hair, manicures, pedicures, tanning, spa trips,
facials, make-up, fragrances,cigarettes, teeth bleaching, etc....

All so We always look Our best.

The question you should now find yourself asking is:

"Why should i give Her money or buy Her a present?"

The answer should be:

Because She is worth it!!

$25.00 gift

$50.00 gift

$100.00 gift

Better yet, don't even call just PAY ME! LOL
Mistress Echo
Its ALL about ME!!
Its ALL about ME!!
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