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You are here because you have an insatiable urge, a drive, to fulfill a need. The reason you are here is beyond your control – you can not resist Me. My beauty Commands your attention. My presence Demands your obedience. You are merely a marionette – I pull your strings and you dance as I please on the stage of My Life. Face it. Admit it. Even as you take in my words, your anticipation rises, your excitement builds, your NEED to please this GODDESS rises to an almost unbearable level. You Want to be Mine, you Need to give to Me. To serve this Goddess with your very being is your Destiny. Feel your heartbeat rise, notice your breath become quicker, watch your desire build to an obsessive need, revel in the excitement. Then, when you can stand the rising tension no longer, BEG to be allowed to pay Me Homage with a Tribute or Gift. Maybe you have lost touch with “reality” as they call it. More to the point, slave, you have entered My reality – the only one that matters to you from now on. As your Divine Mistress I will Hurt you, Financially Drain you, use and abuse you … and you will adore Me for it. You will deny yourself everything to make sure I am denied nothing. You will love Me, worship Me, serve Me with a lifetime of devotion, and strive to satisfy My every whim. I offer not a promise of mere hours of physical pain, but a lifetime of servitude. That is the desire of a true submissive. Relinquish your control, empty your wallet, SHOW ME - mere words are pathetic - that this Goddess is the most important thing in your wretched excuse for a life! For as long as you please me, you can hope that perchance, someday, you will earn my coveted attention. When I tire of you, I shall toss you aside like yesterday’s trash. There are plenty more pleading to fill your place. Do you have within you what it takes to be a true submissive, a devoted lifetime slave? I will take you on a journey that will change your life. Of My many fetishes, financial domination is among my favorites. Although I may not be able to physically cause you pain, I have no shortage of ways to make you hurt and suffer. Although you may not be able to physically serve me in person, you can easily show your devotion by becoming my money slave. Give to me, financially, spiritually … Giving to your Mistress, your act of devotion and submission, will give you an intensely emotional & erotic “high” - far beyond the physical - that you will find nowhere else. My lifestyle is one that few dare to even dream of. With the support of my slaves, I do not have to work (as befits a Goddess). I receive a plethora of tributes, expensive jewelry & gifts every week. I am denied nothing while you sacrifice and deny yourselves many things to keep Me living in a style befitting your Mistress. I am pampered & adored by my slaves, but my pleasure is not all material. It sexually excites Me, knowing that you sacrifice to give to Me of your own free will! It is an erotically intoxicating realization – the Power – the Rush – the Thrill! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting