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Mistress-Stacey has been a member since 05/23/2007

"Prepare to be brainwashed and conditioned to the point that your every move and every decision requires MY APPROVAL. Once I get in your head, there is no escape from the evil that is Mistress Stacey. Without Me, you are nothing! At least giving Me every pound you have will give your life SOME meaning. you're a worthless LOSER, a sick perverted PIG and I plan to exploit your weaknesses to get what I WANT. If you have to work as a fry boy at a burger joint for a second job then you WILL if that's what I command. I CARE ABOUT GETTING ALL YOUR MONEY, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU OR YOUR FAMILY!"

Hello I am your mistress Stacey, Am a 22 year old experienced spoilt mistress from Liverpool. Well let me tell you a little about myself. I AM A FEMDOM, Lifestyle Female Supremacist, Humiliatrix, Feministic, man-bashing, Mind-altering, Egotistical, PowerHungry Uppity woman with a totally sexy body. Cruel, abusive, mercenary, apathetic, narcissistic... a TRULY DOMINANT and Self- Centered Woman.

There I think that covers it all really.



· Phone Training
· Webcam Training
· CP & Correction
· Spanking and Over the Knee
· Fantasy/Role-Play
· Caning
· Tawsing
· Paddling
· Mild Bondage
· Tie and Tease
· Boot, Shoe & foot Worship
· TV Sluts & Cross dressers
· Nipple Torture / Pegs / Clamps
· Electrics
· Candle Wax
· Humiliation
· Enforced Feminisation
· Sensory Deprivation
· Financial worship
· Discipline
· Trampling
· Slave training
· Mummification
· Wax play


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have never visited a Dominatrix before, and I don't really know what I want to do. Can you help me?

A: Yes, of course. When you arrive, you may tell me any areas you may be interested in exploring. I will try a few out with you, and possibly suggest other aspects which I think you may enjoy. It is normally better to "err on the side of caution' with novices like yourself, and when you become more confident in me, and yourself we may progress.

Q: What can I expect, if I visit you?

A: There is no real answer to this, as I treat all my visitors as individuals, with very wide-ranging tastes and expectations. You will be given a 'safe word', which is to be used if some experience is mentally or physically too strenuous for you. This is not meant to be an endurance test. You are supposed to leave me, having enjoyed the session.

Q: Are you like a prostitute?

A: I most certainly am NOT. You must not confuse the images you see in porn mags or fiction for someone like myself. It is very insulting to someone of my skills and experience to be confused with other professions.

Q: Do you offer longer sessions?

A: Yes I do, but only with people whom I have already seen for shorter sessions. These can be very rewarding, as we almost forget about time, and get one with whatever is on the agenda!

Q: Will you allow people to do housework etc... in return for you services?

A: I usually find these kinds of requests insulting and annoying. You would not go to your dentist, and expect a free filling if you washed his car! This is my job, and I expect to be paid accordingly. If there was some particular skill or service you could offer, which was truly useful to me, then maybe, but you would have to visit me on my normal terms first.

Q: Do you see couples/women?

A: Yes, I do see couples, so long as I am in ultimate charge of proceedings. I also see women.

Q: Do you do extreme scenes?

A: Everyone's idea of 'exreme' is different, the same as everyone has different pain thresholds.

Q: Do you ever do hotel visits?

A: YES but I must state I order the room and will be there first. You will also be greeted by my body guard at the room door, to be frisked for any weapons you may have. HE WILL BE STANDING OUT SIDE THE ROOM DOOR THE WHOLE TIME. This is for my safety.

Q: I live far away, so I cannot visit. May I discuss my fantasies with you?

A: Yes for a fee either phone chat £20 a hour or webcam £40 a hour.

Q: Are there any No No's?

A: Hard Sports, Adult baby, animals and children, cutting, scarification or anything I consider dangerous in any way. I will not do scat/brown showers, or change soiled nappies (wet ones are fine). I do not do permanent body modification - permanent piercing or branding. I will not tolerate being grabbed, like a piece of meat! I refuse to leave someone for a long time hooded, gagged or bound as this may be unsafe. Do not dare to ask me to 'switch' either. AND I DONT WANT TO TOUCH YOUR COCK,but i will tell you what to do with it.

Q: I am a male dominant, but I'd like to try a bondage and Corporal Punishment session (me on the receiving end, of course). I'm not submissive, but I do enjoy these sensations sometimes.

A: This is fine. I already have one or two visitors like this, and we get on very well.

Q: Do you ever work with another Mistress? Do you have a female submissive available?

A: I normally operate alone, but I could possibly arrange other scenarios for my more regular visitors.

Q: Can you teach me the art of domination, bondage, role-play etc.?

A: Perhaps, if you have the correct attitude and motives, but really, it has to be something already within you.



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