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MissGreed has been a member since 11/03/2004

I change my nickname from CashPrincess to MissGreed, thats why you can´t see any rating.

PRINCESS Alexa welcomes you miserable boot licker!



Every lady deserves four types of animals

      ...a Mink in the closet, a Jaguar in the garage,

             a Tiger in the bedroom, and a Jackass to pay for it all...

                                    bow your head and serve me!  

Being a 26 year old professional and successful Lady I am used to having males at my feet that seek to fulfill all of my wishes. It started at school that I’ve been adored and admired. I could always pick the boys I want to have fun with. After all, my parents and my friends have spoiled me. No extravagant wish not to be fulfilled!

What I take for granted is an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle. Gifts are part of it.

Fancy dresses, luxurious restaurants, expensive parties. I just love dancing and expensive fast cars. Of course I love travelling. My vacation is meant to be classy and exotic, all over the world!

I am picky. I choose who receives to honor to be my slave. You have to comply with my upscale level and demands all the time. Decent manners in real-life, first-class behaviour towards your Princess and, of course, a submissive attitude are your obligations to fulfill.

They say I am arrogant and naughty. Well, yes, you are supposed to finally realize how low you are. You will look up to me while glare down at my feet to you, slave.

I am way above you. You will notice when you get to experience my self-confident and always-demanding attitude.

There will be no discussions about failure. My commands and instructions are to be followed without objections.

You will work hard for my attention. Poor suckers, lazy asses and whiners will be dismissed. I demand discipline! I snap my fingers and you will fall. For me. And you will do anything for me! Anything.

Slaves shall not expect any rewards or return service! It will be up to me whether you deserve a reward or not.

It is my decision whether you are worthy or not, so show me your effort!

My reign has always been more subtle than plain brutal . I snap my fingers. My slaves are at my feet so serve. You are to read my mind. Make me happy each and every single day again. You will feel like you are in good hands, even though you can never be sure what happens next.

It’s fun to me humiliating and embarrassing my property and drive you to an even better performance. Every now and then strict punishment is necessary to improve your behaviour and remind you of your duties.

If you think it’s worth a try to introduce yourself, to get to know me and maybe to eventually become part of my exquisite royal staples, send me a meaningful application. Also tell me what your appropriate welcome gift will be.

Beware! Quality beats quantity. I should distinguish you from the rest of the scum. Then, only then you will get your chance to apply.

I don't like waiting. I am used to that my orders are followed without any delay.

So, work hard, slave! Be creative! Otherwise I won't waste my precious time with you!

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