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MasterTomTheDom has been a member since 10/04/2016
I'm an established and widely recognized international male pro Dom... not a novice who raises his voice or simply beats ass. I'm not a fetish provider, and definitely not an escort nor a service top. I'm a real BDSM Dominant who likes to explore and play. I'm a real sadist. There's no pretending. I enjoy your discomfort, and have playful fun in inflicting pain. I'm a pro because I have a high standard and I'm very good at what I do; and because I like variety and intensity. I do kink professionally because I live by the principle of highest and best use of time. My many subs and slaves give me options, and I appreciate the tribute my subs and slave bring to me in giving acknowledgement. A large part of the tribute pays for the thousands I invest into training and professional assets - which sets me apart from others in high level skills. My training and experience comes through in your safety and enjoyment of our scene. I play with headspace. I love to fuck minds, and my bottoms in effect see it as art... and therapy in some cases. It is deeper than the surface activities, whether it's rope bondage, piercing, impact, electro or whatever. Activities, props, settings, and gear are simply just tools to achieve our mental / physical / emotional end state. I am real, and don't care for pretension or made up convention. I want the real you - for you to open your kimono and bear your heart, mind and soul. How we get there is our way and no one else's. I strive for your self-discovery. I expect you to personally grow from my investment of time and energy. That said I selectively pick and choose who I play with today. You are not slave nor sub to me unless I decide so. Although I live and breathe the kink lifestyle, I am not 24/7. I keep a balance with other non-kink parts of my life. I'm not on all the time - don't want to be. When I am on though, be prepared to feel my presence. Those lucky few chosen to be my sub or slave eventually come to show devotion and loyalty. And a bit more about me... Articulate and intelligent, you'll discover a professional male dominant who will engage your mind as well as your physical being. I can relate with you on a day-to-day level. Born and raised in Canada, I'm university educated and have experience in the corporate world, as well as being a business owner. I speak on many levels, and you will find your interactions with me smart, stimulating, sensual and engaging. Educated and practiced in human sexuality and physiology, I know the male and female mind and body well. I move and handle you like a guru of easter mysticism. Physically I'm strong, yet balanced in my unassuming body size. Athletic in nature, I keep a physique that reflects the healthy and active lifestyle I maintain. I've trained in martial arts for over seventeen years, and I can move you with dominant force - or inflict what you most need in submission. Knowing how to move my body I deliver force like no other. I also have years of music and dance training, which gives me grace and finesse in the way the I move and apply my touch. Master Tom My journey to becoming a professional male dominant began in my personal lifestyle during erotic play. This came about during play with my partner's urging. Trained, mentored and experienced in many BDSM disciplines, my skills will satisfy even the most unusual appetite. All this in my background transfers to my abilities as an elite male pro-Dom. My repeat clients come in from as far as the U.S., China, Japan, the Caribbean, and UK -- although most live within Ontario. Ultimately, I have a place in the mind of those who submit -- like no other. I will take you to places you've never been within - if you so choose. I am is based out of Toronto where I practices the erotic art of BDSM today. Check out