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I have been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for over a decade now, and have gained much of the experience, knowledge, and pleasure it has to offer. As a result, I take D/s and power exchange very seriously. Being a true Dominant comes with much responsibility and requires respect on both sides of the slash. THE ACID TEST . I treat those around me with the utmost consideration and regard. I am genuine and responsible, and consequently, my control can be felt mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually. I am proud to announce the ALL NEW ALL MALE event of NYC CORROSION Created with the amazing assistance of LONEWOLFNYC and The Leather Man NYC... As a Master/Dom, I take absolute responsibility for my submissives/slaves. While I take complete command of my property, I remain empathic and attuned to their needs. As a result, the nature and manner of my dominance (Daddy Dom to sexual sadist and everything in between) varies depending on the desires, quality and flavor of each individual relationship. This is closely tied to my belief that any submissive must feel secure, safe, and confident in the service s/he provides in order to obey or perform at her/his best. If you meet or interact with a submissive of mine, please be respectful to everyone in the relationship – follow the appropriate social conventions. If you don’t know what behavior is acceptable, ask! It is much better to show interest in a respectful manner than to offend by acting ignorantly. If you cannot respect the boundaries laid out, then don’t bother communicating with me and mine, or about us. We neither want nor need your opinions. We are all adults; let’s act like it! For me to pursue any interaction with a potentially new submissive, personally or professionally, I need to feel the right chemistry and a genuine connection. In general, I find great satisfaction in taking people on an intense journey – conveying them to a place of fulfilling enlightenment beneath my hand. I especially enjoy getting rough: taking a submissive’s body in my hands and using it to please me as I see fit. I thrive on interacting in ways that define one’s limits, and (with the special few) respectfully push past those limits in a mutually beneficial manner. This desire to expand others’ boundaries also extends to teaching newbies about the scene, play, and techniques. I also believe it is crucial to contribute to growing and maintaining a strong sense of community within the scene/lifestyle. In the pursuit of that goal, as part of Wildsplayground, I co-host parties and a radio show to help people learn more about the swinging, kinky community. Our aim is to create safe, welcoming, and informative venue for those wanting to explore their “swinky” desires – regardless of past experience (or lack thereof). If you have any questions, are interested in attending a Wildsplayground party, or want to learn more about the scene, please feel free to contact me. If I’ve intrigued you or piqued your curiosity, send me a nice message. Introduce yourself. Do not leave rude, sad or desperate comments on my wall; it’s tacky.