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You are nothing, you will be abu$ed a$ if you werent a per$on at all. you will be treated like a bitch a per$onal abuse toy. Your mind will deepen it$elf into $ervitude. You will mold into a completely mindle$$ dog. Obeying order$ and $erving a$ told i$ what your mind will learn to think and do. Your brain will be mine to twi$t and manipulate. Your body will be nothing more than an object to abu$$e, abuse the way I see fit----

  • -Whipped
  • -Humiliated
  • -Pi$$ed on
  • -A$hed on
  • -Burned
  • -$tepped on
  • -Trampled on
  • -Bound n Gagged
  • -Caged
  • -Kicked $macked
  • -Cha$tized
  • -Spit on
  • -Ca$h raped
  • -Pimped
  • -Forcedtocleanleather
  • -Wor$hip shoes and clean them
  • -Ca$hDrain
  • -Manipulated
  • -Objectified
  • -Degraded
  • -Labor work tasks
  • -Intox
  • -Expose
  • -Ignore
  • -Not at all fucking limited too-

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    What ever other way I $ee fit for $uch a lowly individual. You De$erve and thank me for the thing$ I demand and force upon you. You are what I say you are, NOTHING more.. You will $uffer to entertain and amu$e me. You will $uffer to $tufff my wallet with your hard earned $lave ca$h. You will $trive to be the be$t $erving $lave you can be. Complete $ubmi$$iveness, obedience, loyalty, re$pect, and determination are required, a $lave with no drive to $uffer more and $ubmit more overtime need not call, you are a broken toy that i$ of no u$e to me. Intox cunts are a favorite Watching a $ub bitche$ mind go blank, Turn into an even more submissive inferior. More willingness to give into the urge. Submit control all while not even thinking, just doing what was demanded. Masochists lets just say if you are one you had better REALLY be one ;) I push the limits for my amusement. You all $how $lowly get addicted to a new drug. You will wake up thinking about it You will work and think about it You will $trive to get it You will pay to get it I Will become your new drug. $ervitude and Obedience will be your new motto. ALWAY$ thinking of what you can do MORE and MORE to get MORE of the drug. The fact i$ you are a $lave, $ub, Ca$h pig, Lo$er ect... $o embrace it and $trive to be the be$t inferior cunt. make your$elf have a purpo$e by having that determination! i$ the high you get upon fir$t $ite of your drug. You then will intake the ambience of being in the pre$ence of your drug. There i$ no e$cape, NO EXCU$E$ are accepted. You are a $PECIES born inferior, and born to $erve a real alpha $pecies into thi$ world for MY amu$ement! Am available for scheduled realtimes(realmeets) If you are too much of a pu$$y too handle this submission ju$t move along, you are in$ignificant to me.