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Jewish American Princess

I am "The Saint of Sinners", "The Goddess of Pleasure and Pain" and "The Deviant of Decadence". I am Goddess Lily Hex, the only name worth knowing and remembering. 

Decadence in Deviance

I have over a decade of experience in the BDSM lifestyle. Phone and webcam are extensions of my craft and allows me to gain a larger audience of submissives. I want to meet so many new people of all walks of life and Niteflirt is one of many avenues that allow it. Many submissives have come to flatter me with their devotion, donations and diligence with pleasing me, however few follow through with their promises. This is your chance to be the one who leaves a lasting impression upon me and proves that your devotion is honest and true. Can you exceed their devotions or the time they invested? Are you good enough? Most importantly, are you willing to try for your Goddess - ME ?

To the submissive that I'm about to destroy,

Before we go much farther - congratulations on finding me. I'm sure you've spent your kinky lifetime searching for the one true Dominating female who has the charm, wits and looks that fulfill your fantasies. I'm sure you've spent a lifetime disappointed in each Domina you've met because you can't seem to capture all these qualities in one person. At least that was the case until now. I know that after we speak you'll want to shower me with gifts, showing your devotion and appreciation as well as an attempting to ensure I'll always allow you near. I'm sure you'll remain forever grateful at this chance encounter and won't spoil its beauty. Can you keep it up though? Can you keep your devotion going and growing?

I'm not your average everyday "Domme". In fact I'm no where near it. I'm not a character. I am not an actress, nothing is worse than knowing it's all just an act. I don't need to assure you I'm anything but real, you'll be assured the moment you speak to me. This is my lifestyle, my passion pit and my joy. My needs are insatiable and I have opened my free time up a bit to allow calls from complete strangers - to try and fulfill these needs I have. It is your job to meet my needs and wants. It is your job to be honest and be as real as I am with you.

Be aware that I am dangerous to the weak minded. I know no bounds and reap the benefits of it. I make men climb walls, move mountains and build bridges in order to be near, and to please me. Few have what it takes to be my favorite toy but all will try. I have many demands and I'm quite the pampered lady. I love a great weak man who's so lustful for my commands that he loses sleep over it. I adore a weak man who cannot begin his day or night without hearing my voice or knowing my day went well. I enjoy a weak man who, upon hearing that my day wasn't so great, will leave no effort undone in an attempt to make sure my day ends well. .

Your first step is to look through the videos in the GOODIES section of MY profile. Watch the introduction(s) video and then sift your way through to others. You then will go to my listings and seek out the specific one in order to call ME. After speaking to me - you will leave a review of our time spent and then present to ME a "tribute" (as a gift). After doing this you will mark me as one of your "favorites" and venture on to my WISHLIST. You'll find something to make me remember you by. Our time together on the phone will leave you so impressed, so hard for me - that I will be all you care about. I will be in your thoughts. I will be in your dreams. When you touch yourself you'll wish you could hear my voice commanding you to orgasm when I say so and my vast disapproval when you cum too soon. I am going to be your everything and I will leave you with nothing but a shell of your former self, but that is why you're here isn't it? It's time to leave it all behind now, it's time to start anew with ME.

Good luck, you're going to need it. Make sure you follow the instructions I just gave to you and I will be speaking to you soon.
Sealed with a kick, Goddess Lily F Hex