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InVixenVeritas has been a member since 06/06/2017
“It’s not absurd to expect men to pay me for simply existing. My existence is radical resistance. Effective resistance requires resources.”

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I am a young, intelligent financial domme with a penchant for delving deep into the psyches of submissives. I enjoy discovering what subs truly hold dear, and using this to mould them into better husbands, lovers, sons, subs and whatever other roles they may take up. I believe I have much to offer in terms of educating men about power dynamics & interpersonal relationships, teaching what it means to truly support marginalised people, especially [queer] femmes [of colour].

I am multifaceted; whatever 2-dimensional idea of a woman you might apply to me reveals more about your own myopic view of women than it does my character.
I don’t subscribe to false notions of “female empowerment” any more than I do internalised misogyny. Your female supremacy is redundant if it is mere fancy dress, and I will not perform a shitty “alpha female” cabaret to make your cock hard. What I do is authentic, heartfelt, and not influenced by distorted concepts of “matriarchy” and “girl power”.

I am still young, and have much in life I would like to discover. I want to travel, make art, meet new people, and have the money to enjoy my life relatively free from the worries that capitalism imposes upon us.
This is where you come in.
Your money is for me to do with as I see fit.
No, I will not prance around in a pair of uncomfortable heels to make you feel as though you have contributed to the lavish lifestyle of a BrattyFindomGoddess™. Nor will I be your charity case; an opportunity for you to assuage the guilt of your socioeconomic privilege. You will give, and give freely, for me to do as I wish.
“The amount of cash you send *might* influence how much time and attention I spend on you, but I’m not a fetish vending machine.”

Do not think that I am interested in your banal fetishes - I am not. I am here for my own personal growth and financial gain. However, I am willing to engage in kink play with those who adequately compensate me for the gratuitous labour I perform for cishetero [white] men.
That said, your money does not explicitly guarantee you access to my time in any way, shape or form. I reserve the right to interact with you as much or as little as I see fit, in whatever nature I decide, whenever I would like. This is not a business transaction. The only thing worse than a broke man begging for my attention is a rich man who thinks his money entitles him to it.
Sadly, no amount of money can make up for a lack of interesting character, and if we don’t share values, or if I simply find you tedious, I will send you on your way.

This is worship. Adoration. Unlimited sacrifice. Support. Unconditional love. Security. Reparations.
You have been warned. Spend at your own discretion.

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