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Being fairly new to NF I will need some time to build up my profile but here it is!

I am perfection. The ultimate Alpha. I do whatever I want, whenever I want and I love to collect. I have an insatiable greed that knows no bounds and can never be filled. I am only collecting from those ready to feed this greed. I am very far from being free. If you would like a more elaborate description, read my blog. I do not seek people to be below me. It is the will of your mind and finance that will put you in your correct allocation with me. Those who have read about me and enjoy my attributes: you might be sure your wallet is full and ready to be toyed with. It's about to get stormy so clear your throat and get ready to beg.

Are you searching for something different in your life? I bet you've been staring into my eyes already... Careful. They might capture you. I am a woman of obsession. I love to be spoiled and treated like a Queen. Your mind is my easel and only I hold the pastels to complete the picture. Insatiably greedy, I could make a man go bankrupt. I have a way about things that makes me irresistable. I like to allocate those below me into fitting positions that aid me in my enjoyment of this fetish.... You will find your time with me very vivid and wild. I am a Financial Goddess. Greedy and irresistable. Are you sure you have enough?

There's something about money... Its like a drug to me. I'm high when I have it and hungover and going through withdrawal when I run low. Its a mental rush that I have not been able to duplicate with any other pleasures. I like to be cared for. Redefining Greed: There seems to be this big ol' wagon a lot of people jump on that greed is an oddity. It is not. Every human being experiences their own personal form of greed. Their greed is backed by addictions. From food, cigarettes, drugs, clothes, cars, toys, collectibles, games, etc. Once you recognize your greed you can prioritize which has the most importance to you. Most below me have an insatiable greed for ME. They are addicted little love sick puppies questioning why oh why they can't seem to get enough.