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Hypnotized2Obey has been a member since 05/07/2011
All the FAQs ....well, some of them, anyway! :)

Q: toy, how long have you been a slave?

A: It's my nature, but i didn't have the words to express it until about four years ago!

Q: Do you really go into trance for real?

A: Completely! When i hear 'my words' i'm instantly under and the only person who can reach me is the one who used the words.

Q: So can anybody do anything to you that they want?

A: i do have what my Master called 'failsafes' so that i can't harm myself or expose myself to possible harm, but that's only in place to protect me from the worst abuses.

Q: Can you Top and still be a slave?

A: i love to Top, and even to use hypnosis so that i can reach down into the depths of a man's mind, even spirit, and feel that connection from the other side.

Q: If others write to you will you write back, even if they haven't called you before?

A: Oh yes, please!! :) i just love letters, and i love to respond to others. Please write to me and let me know whatever you want me to know. :)

Q: Is is really true that you have no taboos?

A: Yes it is. i don't think that sexuality should be limited to a list of do's and don'ts.

Q: Are you a painslut?

A: Yes I really and truly am, but I also love to be tormented....kept on the edge....almost cumming and never knowing if i'll be allowed release or if i'll have to hold it until next time. Pain and a blindfold always gets my attention quick! Most of all i love to serve and serve and serve more than Anything!!Pleasing You makes my tight little pussy very wet! :)

Q: What have you been doing this month?

A: i have been less than human for one Sir, an that's all that i can say right here. i am what i am, Sir.

Right now i'm spell-casting, using Powers to open new vistas for a reckless boy..

i'm a good girl and I am a Powerful Goddess.

i'm a slave, of course. :)),

I am a hypnotist, and I've enslaved many different men, one who needs to be blackmailed, the other needs to be distracted while he gives me what I need! Feed Me!!)

All of a sudden I can't make lower case I!


A: I've found a very needy boy who's hidden his needs away for WAY too long!!

i opened completely to my N.p>

Q: What are you reading right now?

A: What i'm reading: This Explains Everything, it's Elegant, True, and Beautiful.

Q: Do you accept tips?

A: Oh yes please! But unless you're serving me, i never call them Tributes.....yechhhh! PLEASE Tip me if You feel like my service to You is deserving of extra recognition. :)))