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HardBastard has been a member since 05/10/2016

Welcome to HardBastards World faggot!

All of your wildest fantasies and darkest dreams could well have just come true.

You won't have seen me around much online till now and thats because for the last 25 Years, it's been all about the real-time, real-life meets for me, faggots. But now HardBastard is here and you're going to show me the respect I deserve

I'm an Original Skinhead and a Top Leather BOSS. I have been a Leather Cash BOSS for over 25 Years and over that time have built up a lot of experience. I am an ex-services Man, having spent time as a Royal Marine and am a naturally dominant bully; I get off on bullying worthless faggots and queers and am well known by many as an aggressive Hard Man.

I ain't no "wannabe master" pretending to be something I'm not - what you see, is what you get with HardBastard. There ain't no bullshit or pretences here - just a Real Man and a Real, Aggressive Bully

So faggot, if you're seeking a real genuine, arrogant, selfish Hard Man to put you in your place and treat you just how you deserve, need and want to be treated then I've good news for you, faggot - you have definitely come to the right place kunt!


There isn't much off-limits nor is there much I haven't done faggots, so whatever gets you off and turns you on, the chances are HardBastard has experience of it.

But you gotta remember, kunt - HARDBASTARD don't come fuckin cheap.

Right at the top of MY list, queer is cash, smoke, cigars, ashtray kunts, boots, aggro, violence, kicking, punching, burns, humiliation, degradation, violent sex, choking, breath control, boot worship, trainer worship, gob, smoke, edge play and that's just the beginning

Over the coming weeks and months, you'll find videos and pictures of sessions and gear. You'll get to see HardBastard in his Leather, Rubber, Skin, Scally, Security and Marine Gear. You'll usually always find me in my Scally Gear day-to-day and sessions are also kitted and booted with HardBastard

You gotta remember, fag - HardBastard is into pretty much all sorts of everything - so just because your fetish ain't listed - don't be put off - cause HardBastard will most definitely be into it and you'll find regular 'Goodies' being added - you could always put a specific request in and who knows, I might even oblige and upload for you to buy it kunt!

There's one overriding thing you've gotta remember and everything'll be fine - HardBastard does not come cheap.

I deserve your cash, you don't. I deserve your respect, you don't deserve mine. I deserve your loyalty and obedience, you don't deserve mine. I'm Superior and your inferior. So you need to make sure that you show HardBastard the fuckin respect that I fuckin deserve, queer-fags. I haven't built up the worldwide reputation I've got for doing fuck-all; I've built it up because I'm the Best and because I'm the Real Deal - the Real Hard, Bully Man you've been searching for.

Get down on your fuckin knees, right now faggot and start showing ME the respect I fuckin deserve. Buy the videos, the pictures, the Goodies or even better - give me a fuckin call - if you've got the balls to speak to HARDBASTARD kunt.