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From Casual to Taboo.
All Fantasies, Chats, and Play are honored equally, and kept in strictest confidence.
Men in this society, are not often encouraged to speak up when bad things happen. But it is usually a good idea to talk about the things that bother you. Things that weigh heavily on your heart. You may feel that you cannot talk to anyone about what is troubling you. You may not want to burden your family with your memories, your worries, your doubts. I understand your concerns. You can talk to me.
If something bad or scary has happened to you, even if it happened a long time ago, it could be affecting your life now. It might be making some of the things you need to do on a daily basis more difficult. Memories may sometimes feel overwhelming. It doesn't need to be this way. We can talk.
You can share your worries. And just maybe we can make a plan, begin to work on a solution, help you to start feeling better. Today. I'm Hannah Green. And I'm here to listen to you. Anything you have to say is fine with me.
Cuckold much? I'm Hannah, and I'm looking for the best man. Apparently you aren't he. He could be your best friend. Your boss. A guitar man. Your colleague. Your therapist. My gynecologist. Just about anyone. Anyone but you. The way he touches me. The words he speaks into my ear. They make me want to give him every bit of me. Surrender to all my deepest passions. Make sweet juice [in the blender (where else?) and moan as it does] fall into his hand. He isn't you. And you are not he. He's different. New to me. Exciting. Shall I tell you all about it?
So, you place the towel--strategically. And the tube, bottle, jar, barrel, or keg of lube is, shall we say, handy. Junior, The Beast, El Exigente, Mr. Bones, or Harry Jones is at the ready. What floats through your mind? Something taboo?
Well, man, when this happens, there's something I wish you (and everybody else) would keep in mind. Your daydreams are a place your thoughts flow when you become aroused.
Look, if the mere fact you have such fantasies is anathema to you, it's easy enough for most people to change the sort of go-to fantasies they have. (Ask me, I can help you with that.) 
The society in which we live seems open to certain fantasies, and not to others. 
The fact is some folks will judge you based on your fantasy. As if you had a great deal of control over what turns you on, in the first place. And society has decreed that women's...fantasies are okay/normal whilst {I've always wanted to use that word in a sentence. [It's been rather a fantasy of mine. (Please, judge not!)]} fantasizing about [the inverse] makes one a miserable human being.
Does any of this sound hypocritical? If so, go with the feeling...
I cannot speak for all mankind, nor even for all womankind. But as for me, I enjoy role-play, age-play, any play. And I have never turned anyone away for any reason, much less the flavor of his fantasy. 
So, you guys who fantasize about...You know you're some of the sweetest men I've ever met. Do me a favor will you? And let yourselves off the hook, won't you? (You know, unless you like it there.)