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GoddessAlexys has been a member since 02/29/2016
About me: On the exterior people find me soothing, almost a pushover because I enjoy making everyone happy, but I love earning the accolades associated with such things. I am warm and squishy, silly, humane and human. I've told several of my newer subs that I am not here to ruin anyone's life by exposing their SSN's or their physical addresses to the interwebs; but I am very capable of such things. I am very much into CFnm and strongly believe that Dommes and Goddesses do not belong naked, that it is the subs and slaves deserving of inspection. Chat available on weekends for brief times, always available for chat/cam M-F 10am-5:30pm EST and after 9PM EST. On rare occasion and depending on the amount and/or sub special exceptions may be made at my discretion. I am Professional Financial Dominatrix as well as a lifestyle Domme; I take my role in this D/s relationship seriously, as should you. It's not something for everyone and that's okay with me. If I am on cam, you are also on cam. There will be no debate about this. I do not want your worthless pindick photos, unless I ask. Sometimes, I might only be on audio after cam verification, because you have not proven your worthiness of seeing me beyond verification. If it is not for you, please show some courtesy and respect and keep it moving. If you might be interested, by all means, send me a message. A "Cam Mistress" is not One whom is at your beck and call, it is not One who is the only one on cam and it is not One whom EVER gets naked when YOU are His/Her submissive. Get your facts straight here. ****CONSIDER THIS YOUR ONLY WARNING**** You should also know that if you lie to me, I will go to the depths of the internet to find out who you are and let you know that I know exactly what you are and that you cannot hide from what you really are at your core; a worthless liar. I will find out your wife's name, your kids names, how long you've been married, what your family dog's name is. If it is there, and you lie to me about something, I will show you how easily I will find who you really are. Sadly, three have already had this unpleasant experience and in my mission to seek the truth, they are terrified at what I might do with it. I have been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for 20 years now. I've been on both sides of the flogger and on both ends of the leash. You might be wondering why I don't label myself a switch in that case. The reason is simple; I am not seeking, nor will I be seeking a Dom. I am happily married to a Dominant male and my role of Domme over submissive men serves a triple purpose. My pleasure, His pleasure and your desired submission. Willing applicants only. Must be 21 years of age or older, with stable income and live in the US. If you're not in the US, there will be substantial measures to ensure your commitment. Consider this a concierge submission area, but do not take that to mean that you get to tell me how to do my job. I am capable to provide what you seek and if I am not, then I will be honest about it and tell you. If something is out of my realm of knowledge, but you want me to oblige you then you must allow time for me to learn the specifics of what you seek. My rules are simple: *BE HONEST AT ALL TIMES *My time = your money *BE ON TIME FOR YOUR SESSION *KNOW THAT I AM NOT HERE FOR YOU TO JERK OFF TO *MY TIME IS LIMITED AND VERY, VERY VALUABLE TO ME. DO NOT WASTE IT! *YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO INTERFERE WITH MY HOUSEHOLD RESPONSIBILITIES. YOU ARE FAR, FAR DOWN MY LIST OF DUTIES- RIGHT WHERE YOU BELONG. *IF YOU BELONG TO ANOTHER MISTRESS, I WILL FIND OUT- WE ALWAYS DO. HER PUNISHMENT WILL BE MUCH HARSHER THAN MINE. RESPECT YOUR COLLAR. *A COLLAR IS EARNED, NOT GIVEN BLINDLY. YOU WILL CERTAINLY EARN YOUR COLLAR AND YOUR KEEP IN MY REALITY. *I DO NOT ACCEPT EXCUSES OF ANY KIND AND I LOATHE WHINERS. YOU'D BETTER BE PAYING ME AN AWFUL LOT TO BE YOUR PSYCHOLOGIST AS WELL AS YOUR DOMME FOR THAT.