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EuryaleVenom has been a member since 05/14/2014

Fem Dom with a twist of pure evil.

I have listed here some of the things that please Me most. I am not limited only to what I have listed here. I am open to many things as long as I am in complete control

Strap On:
This is self explanatory You know you crave it. I have a couple to choose from. I can be sensual. I can be sadistic

This is an obvious favorite. Your tiny peen is so amusing. That's all it ever will be, because it certainly isn't useful for any other reason. My wicked laugh fills your ears as you jerk that hilarious birth defect between your thighs. I'll need to put My glasses on to even make out what you're doing. It would almost make Me sick if it wasn't so fucking funny.

Sissy Training
Experience complete feminization. I specialize in turning basic sissies into full blown, cock addicted whores. Once we start this process, there is no turning back. I'll break you in with My massive BBC Strap on, to prepare you for the uncountable number of REAL dicks you'll be taking.

Maybe eating it is the price you pay for the privilege of jerking off to My perfect body. Or maybe you're just a gross perverted loser who craves the taste....

Perfect red pedicure, shapely size 8, wrinkled soles, toe spreads. You're so weak for My feet, you'll do anything to be near them, To taste them, smell them....

Watch My thick white vapor engulf you and take your breath. I'm an amazingly beautiful smoker and I execute perfect Frenchies! You're hard in your pants as you are consumed by My massive white cloud. I know what you're really thinking when I wrap My full red lips around that cigarette. You wish ....

I think you know how this works. You can't please Me. So I'll have as many men as I want who can. If you're good, we might let you clean up the mess.

Boot worship: I have several pairs of leather boots for you to worship and lick clean. I adore boots and need them to always look their best. Thigh high leather platforms, 18 eye steel toe Doc Martens, Frye leather harness boots, and calf length black leather biker boots with lots of buckles for you to shine. I know they make you so horny.

Verbal Humiliation:
I have a wicked and fierce tongue. I won't hold back as My goal is to cause complete mental anguish and to destroy any small fragment of ego you may have. I use the power of words to ruin you, rather than the crack of the whip to shred your confidence and stubborn free will.

Mouth Fetish: I know what's on your mind when I part My perfectly plush red lips. I open wide and give you a good view of My tongue, perfect teeth and smooth, slippery throat.

Giantess: I may use you as a sex toy, tiny man. Or I may listen to the sweet sound of your bones being crushed beneath My heels. Maybe both. The moods of a Giantess are unpredictable.

I know that I'm stunningly gorgeous and I know how painfully your cock throbs in My presence. Unfortunately for you, your sexual frustration and discomfort get Me off.
Look, but do not touch. I will tease until you are weak and your balls are near the verge of bursting. Watch Me massage My perfect tits, have a quick peek at My glistening pink slit, as your pathetic cock begs for relief.
You won't find any here

Character role play:
I enjoy playing the wicked role. Naughty nun, perverted or cruel nurse, seductive or domineering school teacher, Vampire, Succubus, Femme Fatale, Demoness, Villain, and I am open to many more. I am happy to customize your own role play scenario. Just understand that I will ALWAYS be the dominant character.

Blasphemy and Religious Taboo Role Play:
I specialize in all types of blasphemous play, religious taboo role play, the desecration of religious objects, religious domination/humiliation, religious conversion therapy, and hypnosis.
Props I have for Blasphemy at this time: Bible, rosary, slutty nun costume and Jackhammer Jesus.

I truly enjoy the strange and unusual, because I, Myself am strange and unusual. If you don't see something that you're looking for here. Ask Me