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You WILL be MY Property

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Erotic Domination ~ facesitting ~ body worship ~ strapon & slut training
humiliation ~ bondage ~ queening ~ taboo role playing ~ financial domination
forced cocksucking ~ cbt ~ chastity ~ feminization ~ cuckolding
masturbation ~ lessons & assignments ~ human furniture
public display ~ latex & rubber worship ~ spitting ~ spanking & caning
tease & denial ~ breath play ~ tickle torture ~ trampling ~ whipping

I have years of experience tormenting, smothering and worship training boys like you!
I am well versed in all aspects of BDSM and male sexuality and fantasy.
Anything your pee-sized little mind or cock can imagine, I can provide.

STRAPON FUCKING? SUCKING? You crave it. You know you do. You want to get fucked by a girl.
And once it happens, you'll be my bitch, now and forever!
Maybe I'll use a dildo, maybe a small one, maybe my biggest one,
maybe I'll make you use your finger or a fucking hairbrush, or anything handy
and within reach you little pervert. I'll use anything and make you know that this girl fucked you!
You're going to stand up, bend over, reach back and spread you cheeks,
exposing yourself to me fully. You're going to feel the air in the room blow over your
crack and hole while you anticipate my first touch. You'll feel my tits,
hot and full on your back while I fuck you. You'll feel one of my warm soft hands on your cock
and the other on your balls as I reach around and squeeze you to me.
That's when you'll feel the pressure of my strap-on beginning to invade you.
That's right! Me on top and you on bottom, you whimpering like a pathetic worm,
realizing your true place in my sexual kingdom - on BOTTOM.
You are no longer the big wig at work, the boss in business, the controlling hubby.
You're just my BITCH, my sex slave.

Want to kiss my delicate leather enclosed toes, lick my boot straps, clean the bottom of my shoe,
run your nose along my high arches and lick my heels? Then take your place on the floor worm,
and begin your foot worship training. l KNOW YOUR MIND! You nasty boy.
Your eyes immediately focus on my titties. My huge 38EE titties!
So delicious, soft, bulbous! And my lucious, beautiful, soft fleshy ass.
You want to press your lips against all that wonderful flesh. You want to smell it,
kiss it, lick it, roll in it, and be smothered by it!

HUMILIATIONED CUCKOLD? I know your focus. All men focus on their cock size and their inadequacies
of taking care of a woman sexually. You don't have a big enough cock or big balls,
and you know that defines your masculinity with women. You know you don't measure up with
the women in your life, so you seek time with me! You know I accept your little thingie and I don't need
you to compensate for it. I know how to use it and how to use you! I know you are useless for intercourse.
But your mouth - YES, I can use that. I'll train you to use the only tools your
worthless worm self has to offer me ... mouth and tongue. And I know why you chose me!
You want a queen-size queen with mounds upon mounds of flesh to smother your face, mouth and tongue.
And I know you want BIG BLACK COCK.
You want me to make you fluff and suck, lick and pull, and then guide that glorious huge cock
into my pussy - and you want me make you clean up while I'm relishing my been-fucked-good afterglow.
You're just a whimpy little faggot and I know it!
And now, you're my bitch!

SISSY, TG, TS, CD? Do you dare wear panties when you call me?
Are you all dressed up and admiring yourself in the mirror?
Do you wish you had a cheerleader outfit or prom dress?
Are you wanting a soft seduction by an older man reaching up under your skirt and teasing you?
Are you a cockteasing little slutty whore?

You choose the fantasy or role play or anything that excites you.
I never hang up on a caller unless they are blatantly rude to me.
But you're not going to be rude.
You little cock is going to drip for me as I lead you
through all kinds of fantasies, taboos, fetish play and sexual chats.
I will satisfy your sexual needs and you will satisfy mine.
And maybe, if you are my luck caller of the day
I'll let you hear me cum - real hard!
But you'll have to ask for it!

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