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Welcum Gentlemen
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This is my little cove here on Keen, for sharing my passion for erotically- steamy, and sensuously- naughty sexual encounters with men who appreciate a woman who isn't afraid to say,

Men and Sex are my only addictions.

It's always been that way for me. Since age 16, I've seduced, and "have been seduced" by men as young and innocent as 19, and as sexually experienced as 70 "as of now" *smile*. The difference today though, is I am much more experienced myself. I've learned what turns a man to moistened clay, beneath the lightest touch, and the heated impulses of a truly sexual woman.

I know and I appeciate, the power, the swell, and the warmth, known only to those willing to explore their deepest desires. *So simple* Because of how I feel, because of how my heart pounds, because of how hot and wet I get, every time I speak to another sexually stimulating man on the phone, I've learned by doing this, I'm becoming much more aware of all that is possible between two people who allow sex to have them - rather than them simply having sex.

What is that saying? Oh yes. "Practice makes Purrfect"!!! *wink*

I have few restrictions and few taboos. I very much enjoy weaving erotic fantasies of the *one on one nature* (or perhaps including an additional warm body to spice things up) - but I'll admit, personally, I am not comfortable with certain fetish scenarios, such as incest, beastiality, humiliation, and extreme domination.

Although there may be other situations I would not feel comfortable with, the only other one I can think of at this moment, would be discussing sexual encounters with children under the age of 18.

So please, gentlemen, if you have a fantasy or fetish you'd like to explore with me, write me *before you call* so we can both be sure we're right for each other. I'm honest enough to realize, I can't be everything to everyone so please be gracious and ask if you're unsure.

That aside... if you're someone who enjoys a passionate woman who is a daring sexual adventuress, with a wonderfully creative imagination, and a deep desire to explore every dimension of her sexuality, with a man who enjoys intensely sensual experiences... I just know we'll suit each others erotic tastes extremely well!

Here's a little mental candy for you to nibble on: I'm 5'6", 121 pounds, natural golden blonde (of Swedish heritage) I have disarming emerald green eyes, a bright - welcoming smile */grin*/ And... a personality that when given the opportunity, shines like a star. Your Star!

Physical glimpse: I wear a size 36 C bra, (with sweet, erect, and extremely sensitive nipples) my waist is 24 inches, (a wonderfully soft, smooth, & feminine belly) my hips are 38 inches, (a firm and nicely rounded backside). I take very good care of my health, and my body... and part of doing that includes indulging myself with wonderfully sensuous body creams, oils, and aromatic scents. I always smell deliciously edible, feel delectably soft, and taste unimaginably like heaven!

I hope my personal description here, and the few physical details I've shared with you will entice you enough to check out my listings below - and then... encourage you give me a call.

Although I rarely show as available to accept random calls on keen, I am generally here working on other projects having to do with the freelance office support work I do out of my home, and can take calls at almost anytime of the day - from about 10:00AM CST - until around 12:00PM - (unless someone requests an earlier or later time than that by contacting me via email).

The best way to ensure we'll be able to connect, is for you to arrange a call for a specific time - or if that isn't something your personal circumstances will allow for, when you do find yourself available, simply put in a call back for me. I'll keep my eyes open for notification from keen that you've done one or the other.

I''ll be waiting to hear from you!
Passionate Journeys,


The image above was created "in likeness" of me... by a friend who is an absolutely amazing graphic artist. If you're a Keen speaker, (I know we all like to check out other speakers listings) and you'd like to learn how you can get an incredible graphic image like mine, created in your likeness, write to me here on KEEN. I'll get back to you with the details asap.