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Welcome to your Ultimate Sissification!



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A powerful brainwashing file that can be looped to create strong feelings of envy for beautiful girls along with a desire to copy them. Creates strong attraction to men and removes sexual attraction to women permanently. Listen while you view your favorite girls. You will want to be just like them in every way as well as a cock slut! Play time: 20:04



Download a free sample!


Conditioning a proper response to women is one of the most important aspects of training a sissy. She should envy women and feel inspired to copy, imitate, and think like they do. Any sexual attraction should be removed and replaced with attraction to men. This all-in-one transformation session is designed to do exactly that along with training the listener to envy celebrities, porn stars, strippers, and models, to truly and deeply lust after men, and to extend these fantasies into real life, turning the listener into a full time sissy and a shemale forever.


Section I: Induction. You are brought into a deep state of relaxation as you realize that you need deep feminization. You imagine how it would feel to live the rest of your life as a prissy girly girl, obsessed with boys and cock. You imagine yourself that way more and more, how you'd dress, behave, if you were that way all the time. You always think and talk in a girl's voice.


Section 2: Celebrity idolization. You imagine your favorite female celebrity, feeling more and more admiration for her beauty, her personality, her femininity. You drift into her body and experience the world through her eyes, feeling how wonderful it is to inhabit a female body. You have her sexuality too, and you feel attracted to men.


Section 3: Girl Envy. Your feelings of jealousy are now extended to all beautiful women, getting 100 times stronger every time you see a beautiful woman. You envy women for the hot sex they have with men. You feel jealous whenever you see a girl sucking a cock, or getting fucked. You fantasize about being a cocksucking porn star. Your cock addiction gets stronger every time you see a girl sucking.


Section 4: Attraction to Men. You love cock and cum and love teasing men with your mouth and tongue. You need to be dominated and fucked like a girl. You want to be surrounded by gorgeous men and their big cocks, fucking you, and cumming all over you. Hot guys drive you crazy. You have dirty sexy thoughts about men all day long.


Section 5: Being a boy. You love being a girly sissy faggot and when you go back to being a boy, it feels horrible. Your entire sexuality and all sexual pleasure is moved into your "sissy closet" where you cannot access it as a boy. From now on, you only feel pleasure when you are a proper sissy girl. If you try to act like a boy, you cannot become aroused. You are impotent if you try to have sex with a girl. You don't like making out with women. You have no sexual attraction to women whatsoever.


Section 6: Real Life. All your sissy urges keep getting stronger and begin to filter down into your average day. The thrill of making your fantasies a reality excites you to the point where you buy more girls clothes, buy a set of dildos to practice on, go out in public with makeup or your nails painted, remove all your body hair, grow your hair longer and get a feminine style, get feminine tattoos, and consider taking hormones and getting implants so you can have real boobs of your own. The thought of finally doing these things for real gives you a huge rush, an intoxicating high. You want to meet a guy for real and suck a real cock and get fucked by a real man. You want a boyfriend to feel all these pleasures every night. You are a sissy forever, always envious of women and totally in love with sexy guys. Voice type: female TTS. Play time: 49:10.




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This is a brainwashing loop file designed to turn the listener into a cocksucking shemale for the rest of her life. The file is divided up into 87 MP3's, averaging about a minute each. They should be added as a playlist to whatever music player you use, and set to random shuffle. This gives a fresh and dynamic listening experience every time, as the play order is always different. The focus of this file is on creating strong and permanent attraction to men, with a special emphasis on developing a love of cocksucking, and of course the complete removal of any sexual attraction to women along with any ability to ever make love to a woman again. Feminization is also emphasized along with further reinforcement of your envy toward pretty girls. You will want to dress and live as a woman full time, to style your hair and dress like a girl, paint your nails, remove all of your body hair, and get a pair of spectacular breasts. You will learn from and copy the women you see, subconsciously adopting their mannerisms. You will fall totally in love with rugged men and their big cocks and discover that you live to serve men sexually. Your arousal is further re-orientated toward being a sissy and worshiping cocks with your mouth and tongue. Cocksucking will now create a desire in you to be fucked in the ass. Your subconscious mind will be reprogrammed to give you sissy dreams while you sleep. The way you think about men and women is remolded to always condition you into becoming more of a sissy- seeing men makes you think about sex and cocksucking and seeing women makes you want to become them and reminds you that you are a sissy faggot. Every pretty girl you see inspires you to act, dress, and look like a girl. You will feel like a sissy whenever you become aroused. You take pride in your sissy ability to please men better than any girl.You will no longer be able to reach an orgasm without thinking about men. You will begin collecting images of hot guys who are just your type. You will no longer be able to watch a sports game without fantasizing about serving the players orally in the locker room. Voice type: female TTS. Total play time for all tracks is 1 hr 21 min.




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