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Azereael has been a member since 11/10/2008
Your personal Irish Dream Mistress!
Mistress Azereael will make you Hers. Will you serve?

I have been a proud member of the BDSM community since the late 1990s, and began teaching on the topic out of my own passions and fantasies, and a deep commitment to the practice of BDSM for health and happiness. Kinky play involves a relationship dynamic that requires intelligence, responsiveness, and communication. When practiced well, I believe BDSM is a ritual of intimacy that provides those involved with cathartic enrichment and pleasure. All erotic exchanges should be grounded in mutual consent, communication, and trust,and the practice of BDSM can elevate these ethics into an art form.

I like to introduce novice explorers and veteran players alike to a style of kinky exchange that is graceful, intense, loving, and skilled. I do not consider dominance to be tantamount to the right to act irresponsibly or in a negative manner. I consider the negotiated, consensual exchange of power and pain to be innately positive. I love to smile and laugh when I play, and inspire people with my love and deep enjoyment of all that kink has to offer.

My greatest satisfaction comes from unlocking kinky passions in the lives of those I come in contact with in the dungeon. I welcome players of all persuasions and experience levels.

I am pleased to work with individuals and couples who are seeking guidance and input on their journey into kink. Whether you are working through your BDSM desire, or vanilla-identified and seeking to better understand a kinky partner, my consultation services can offer insight and tools to better understand yourself and your relationships. With over a decade’s experience living and working in the BDSM community, I can offer compassion and expertise on a variety of topics, including:

  • Understanding the root and nature of your interest in fetish, fantasy and BDSM
  • Coming out to your partner
  • Exploring your local BDSM community
  • Finding a play partner who shares your interests
  • Communication and negotiation techniques for partners of any orientation

    I provide you with a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental setting in which you can talk freely about the role BDSM plays in your life and receive education, skills and resources to help you find happiness and fulfillment in your kink.

    Perhaps the greatest misperception about BDSM play is that it is an abusive act perpetrated out of malice and with the intent to humiliate. Popular culture is rife with images that foster this stereotype, and I take great pleasure in teaching and practicing kink in a manner that dismantles these myths.

    Sensuality is at the heart of a good BDSM exchange. I have watched the strongest, most controlling of men happily crumble at the command of a seductive woman. I take great pleasure in observing the power of seduction and the playful agony of denial as one is held captive, inches away from what they cannot have. I can show you how a soft touch or a gentle tease can often accomplish what a firm hand cannot. I enjoy tempering strictness with sensuality, and feel that different scenes call for different measures of both. I am a warm woman and like to inspire others to invest their dominance with humanity, sensuality, and grace without diminishing the intensity of the BDSM dynamic. Sensuality is a tool as powerful as the whips I wield or the restraints I employ. Pain is certainly not the only way to induce a state of absolute submission – the lightest touch can be powerfully commanding, and the warmth of breath against bare skin can be overwhelmingly controlling.

    Call Me now to begin your new journey.

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    I am an intelligent, elegant, articulate fun Mistress. I have nearly fifteen years professional and private experience in BDSM and enjoy light to heavy play in most areas. I trained under and had the pleasure of working with some of the most experienced Mistresses in Ireland. It's from this breadth of collective experience that I draw when session with you. My session style is personal, intuitive and intense. Many of My sessions are BDSM-oriented and most have an element of Fetishism. Sessions I enjoy the most are those where the environment is conducive to both players pushing their individual boundaries to reach new heights of mental, physical and erotic stimulation. Regardless of whether a scene is sensual or strict - I believe pleasure is the reward for satisfying Me.

    In our daily lives, we rightly avoid pain as something unpleasant at best and dangerous at worst. I’d like to introduce you to a new way of experiencing "pain" as intense, cathartic sensation, expertly applied with a precision knowledge of the human body. Forget what you’ve seen in the movies: SM is about challenging your body and your psyche, and finding a new kind of strength through surrender and submission. I prefer grace and elegance to bludgeoning, and understand that desires and limits vary greatly among individuals. Regardless of your experience or intensity level, the most profound vacation from your daily life and the affairs of the world can come from surrendering and entrusting yourself to compassionate, skilled hands.

    My favorite styles of intense sensation play include:

    • Traditional corporal corrections, including spanking, strapping, paddling and caning
    • Flogging - from the lightest touch to the heaviest blows
    • Precision tortures, including advanced electrical play, fire play, invasive medical scenarios, temporary piercing and single-tail whipping
    • Devastating nipple manipulation and geni-torment
    • Sensory Stimulation - from deprivation to overload
    • Endurance bondage and challenging restriction
      I love training submissive males and will make you feel owned with the following obedience training:
      • Obeying commands from your Mistress
      • Speaking Only with Permission
      • Serving me fully and with complete loyalty and obedience.
      • I will shape and mold you into my most prized possession and you will pay for that honor greatly and be happy and proud to be allowed to do such for me.

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