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Arcane has been a member since 04/24/2015

Let’s be honest. We know why you’re here. You’re a male who can’t get attention otherwise. It’s sad, really… That you have to resort to using your money where your looks and personality have failed you. The sooner you admit that you’re unworthy of female attention without the assistance of your wallet, the sooner we can move on to more important topics of discussion.

I am a female supremacist Domme who abuses men for profit and amusement, so if you think you’re “dominant” or a “top”, you’re just fooling yourself. Female supremacy is the philosophy I live by and as far as I am concerned, if you are a male, you are beneath me and I am entitled to everything you have. Men give me money for no other reason than to feel useful, and here I am offering you a fraction of my highly sought-after attention alongside of your gracious tribute. You should be thanking me.

Women deserve to be pampered and treated well, but those of us who have realized our power and worth like myself don’t just settle for that. We take what we want, and we want A LOT. You work, I spend. End of story.

I am a siren. I am a warlord. I am a succubus.
But, to you, I am Goddess.

I specialize in financial control. You specialize in quiet subservience. I neatly organize your budget, eliminating unnecessary luxuries. I make your life easier by relieving you of responsibility, decision-making, luxury, and free will. I take time and energy out of my day to give you structure, to give you purpose. I take the loose ends you have and tie them up. I give your life meaning. All you have to do is submit and obey.

It’s no surprise that males from all around the globe desire me. Not only am I gorgeous, but I’m also highly intelligent, and well-loved at dinner parties/lan parties alike. I have the class and sophistication of a graceful debutante while still harboring the humor and wit of a down-to-earth deviant. Fortunately for you, I have graciously designed a doorway with which you may use to enter my life.

Males who are interested in access to me, interested in gaining my attention and affirmation, are in luck. It’s extremely easy for you to do this. All you have to do is pay. You send me your money. It becomes my money. You have contributed to my pleasure in life. I can’t make it more simple for you. No hoops to jump through. No awkward survey. Just one yes-or-no question: Have you sent your offering?