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AnnitatheCat has been a member since 08/04/2004
Hey There!!

Tell me your fantasies and we can make them real!

If the sign says available I am all alone and waiting to play, just tell me what YOU want!!

I have a spicy imagination and a naughty lusty mind.
I am sexual and sensual all at the same time.
I love to chat, show off and play nothing phases me execpt disrespect, eh?

I am a princess after all ;).
Most of all I like to know that I am making my partner happy hearing and seeing your pleasure turns me on...... Call Me or look for me on YAHOO under the same name and I'll tell you more!
If you would like to know how my mind works here is a story I wrote on a lazy day when I was home alone wishing I had company.

It was Sunday morning I wasn’t feeling well, so we were curled up on the couch watching a Jackie Chan movie. My body was pressed tightly against you. Your hands were caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I could feel the a dampness start to creep between my legs. You could feel my ass press harder against you as I rythmicly began to arched my pelvis into with pleasure. My pussy was getting soooo wet in anticipation of being touched. Just then my roommate and her friends came in. Your hands dropped to the couch as we all said hello and Tina began her rant about the day she’d had or whatever the crusade was today. I felt you sigh behind me and I leaned my body into you gently but firmly to let you know I was happy just to be touching you now. You shifted a little so that I roll back slightly on top of you and you pulled the blanket up a little higher on us. I relaxed against you and started to watch the movie blankly, occasionally commenting back to Tina. I was still wet and aroused from you touching me the way you do, you know all the buttons to make my crazy for you. Each brush awoke my mind and body and I was still very hungry for you, had we been alone I may have been begging for you to take me. I thought about later today when we would be alone again.

Then I felt your hand reach down and in one smooth motion you moved my skirt up, my panties over and I felt you slide inside me without any warning. I moaned quietly and pushed against you. You leaned in and told me in a breath "Quite, now!"
I was very tight, you hadn't been inside me for a couple weeks while you were traveling. It felt so good to feel you pushing me open, hard and hot inside me. I wanted to moan! I wanted to get loud, talk dirty, and tell you how good you felt. How much I had missed your big cock. I wanted to sit up slide off of you so I could kiss it, take you all the way into my mouth taste me on you and say hello properly. But I couldn't. So I bit my lower lip, sighed a little and pretended I was watching the movie.
Tina was still rambling on about something and I was hoping that she didn't ask me anything because all I could manage was "uh huh" Mean while you were moving ever so slowly inside me. I kept having the urge to move faster but your arms were wrapped casually but tightly around me and my legs were intertwined with yours; I knew you would not let me move. So, I just arched my pelvis and felt you slide deeper inside me. I was certain I would have to cry out in pleasure soon but I didn't want anyone to know what we were doing. Of course you were doing your best, to make me scream, make her notice. I felt the tip of your penis push firmly against my gspot deep in my pussy. "Ahhhggha ah" I inhaled as I felt a my cum gush and run down between us and every muscle inside me began to contract rhythmically. I squeezed you hard with my pussy and pushed my hips as tightly against you as I could so you were deep, deep inside me. I arched my back and hugged you with my neck and head like a cat. With my pussy milked your cock, I couldn't stop cumming. I started to move my pelvis slowly back and forth arched like a cat then tilted like a dog just as I warm up in yoga everyday. As I pushed back into you I relaxed so that I felt your hard hot cock slide deeper inside me. As I arched back you pulled out slightly and I hugged you tightly with my pussy not wanting you to break away from me. Soon I felt you begin to pulse inside me, you got hotter and harder inside me and I knew you would soon cum, as I felt your energy build, mine did as well. Again my muscles began to pulse and I felt heat run through my body, I melted into you as we rocked slowly together overcome by the most intense feeling as the power of our orgasms rolled together. We softened into the couch and one another, you leaned over me and kissed me softly on the cheek "Feeling better, dear?" you asked quietly as I was drifted off to sleep lulled by the rhythm of your breathing I could hear Tina still chatting away about the absurdity of soemthing or other blah blah blah.... "Yes," I sighed or perhaps I just thought it, "that is just the medicine that I needed."

If you WANT more give me a call, I have lots more fun where that came from. Can't wait to talk to you!!