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Simply Hypnotic

speaking simply and from the heart

I could tell you I have a long list of References of Hypnotic Training, I do not.

I have experience dealing with men and their sexual demons. I find that most men need help in relaxing and being able to openly discuss their emotions, especially when dealing with sexual issues. There are countless relaxation tips and articles on the internet to better help you deal with your stress level.

I find Hypnosis to be a wonderful tool. I can help to relive your stress and apprehension about exploring your sexual desires. I offer sound listening skills coupled with intelligent conversation. I do not judge, and ask that you keep that same open mind when we discuss my techniques and talents.

I am a mature woman, so don't expect a perky young voice. I have experiences that make my maturity a plus for most men. It gives me the ability to understand more because I have come in contact with more people, more adventures and more exploration than say a young girl in her 20s.

Without breaking any clients confidentiality I would like to refer to some the clients that have benefited from my services. You may find yourself in one of these brief synopsis. It is so reassuring to know we are not alone. That there is help and understanding out there for me and my needs. I hope you see yourself being in a relaxed state with me. I hope you know you are safe.

I have had men, who enjoy the cuckold lifestyle seek me out to help them overcome the fear they have of sharing this fantasy with their wives. They want so desperately to have this fantasy acted out by their wives but the fear of the unknown was so heavy on their minds they were unable to enjoy any of their sexual desires. It is horrible to be held captive by fear. I was able to help these men overcome their fears. After gaining their trust, under hypnosis, I was able to speak directly to that inner fear, to quiet the child that runs and hides, and allow the man to step out of the shadows and show his desires. That is what you want to do as a cuckold man, show your woman, your wife how you and all men adore her. You want nothing more than to see her satisfied. That truly is your greatest desire.

I have spoken to men who are submissive. They want to explore their super submissive ways but to totally trust another with your life is a hard thing to do. I truly believe you're born submissive or dominant. I am dominant by nature. One must come to terms with their basic nature. I find it very helpful to take clients through a small BDSM fantasy while under hypnosis to help elevate any fears.

There are so many more scenarios and experiences I have had with many many different clients. But to help with space and time I am going to just name a few more areas I have a little insight/experience with...

weight loss
self improvement
acceptance of one's place in life
pain management

You can see I have experience in many many areas,
please allow me to know you in a more intimate relaxing environment.

Call me and let's begin.

My picture, my description does not matter, this is about you.
I could put up a stock model picture but why.
Nor do I want to share my pictures on NF.
I hope you can understand that simple request, if not I understand.
Please do not call and demand that I send you photos.