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True help for men with difficulty achieving orgasms

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You can call it whatever you want but the sad case is most men do not have power over their penis.   To be an effective lover or even just good with masturbation one must gain control over your body and mind.    Cock Control offers you the ability to last long, maintain an erection, and thereby become a better lover.
Truly, with most things in life, the process of cock control begins before the event.  By that I mean if you think that you will gain control by just calling a girl on the phone, it is not going to happen.   You must do work to gain effective long lasting control.   I will teach you the steps you need to start to gain control, but ultimately you will be the one controlling the orgasm,  I am here to assist you.    The big thing that I think guys miss in this arena is that good health is necessary.  You need to exercise all of your body.  You get your body in alignment with mind and the cock control is much easier to manage.   I will teach you breathing exercises.   I will guide you in the beginning, teaching you the steps to follow. 

***A side note to guys who rush.   I may not be the girl for you.  I believe in discipline.  I believe setting the stage is as important as the event.  I am not into drop to your knees and suck my dick type calls. Sorry that just is not my style.  I only say this because I do not want to disappoint you.***

Let me assist you with your orgasm. 
I am a friendly girl with pleasant voice.  I am not submissive but I am caring and loving by nature.  I am enrolling in College this winter, I hope.  I want to be a nurse.

I like to assist hard to orgasm guys. I am very patience and understanding.  I have had several boyfriends who have needed the extra attention and support.  I rather enjoy being able to assist.  It the the nurturing part of me. 

I hope to give you a safe, accepting support that will allow you to begin to relax. I want you to feel safe to tell me everything.  You are accepted for who you are. I am not saying that I have all the keys to fix the problem but I am saying I have successfully worked with some guys on this issue.

There are several reasons that could cause the problem.  One is medical.  I can not cure diabetes or hypertension but I also know you do not need to have an erect penis to have an orgasm. I will assist you to with trying to have an orgasm.  The next key reason I believe for an "unhappy ending" is psychological. You think about it, you worry about it, you try to control it.  This is the area I enjoy working in. I want to help you relax and enjoy the moment.  I am not saying it is all in your head but I am saying that is an area you must get control of, if you want to enjoy orgasms again.

I also know the importance of visual stimulant.  I am including a package of pictures for sale here.   This is a very cheap set but I hope it will help us to achieve our goal of your orgasm.  

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If nudes are not your turn on  tell me what is and I will create a custom package of pictures.  I have a large section of porn other than me that I have bought over the years with my boyfriends.  I am sure I can accommodate most fetishes.
I am here for fun too. I enjoy masturbating. I enjoy role plays and fetishes.  I am no angel girl. I would love to share a call with you. I hope we both enjoy your fantasy and both have orgasms.

I have role plays that I like to talk about ... some of my own fantasies. I worked at a bank a while back. I use to fantasy about the branch president. He was a good looking man.  I wanted him to take me to the vault. A place where we could be completely alone.   A place where we could totally ravage each other.

Once I did have sex in a camper.  You know the campers, with the bed over the cab of the truck.  It was kind of exciting.  Oh by the way, my parents were in the cab in the truck driving at the time, and we were not quiet.  Ok he was not quiet,  I was the one saying "we are gonna get caught".