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Mistress Pinky Galore

Mistress Pinky Galore loves to fuck you (over)

Lusty Goddess Miss Pinky Galore loves to fuck you over!
I love to fuck: dirty, nasty, primal sex, but NEVER with you!
No, no no..... NOT anymore!
You are too weak and too pathetic and far too beta for my taste.
I ONLY married you for the money! Hahaha!
Sexually, you're worthless to me. Invisible.
I don't want you, I never did, and never will.
Your cock is pitiful and I'm just not that into you!

HAHAHAH I've got a crush on you!

You’re doomed, darling!

If it wasn't for your hefty work benefits and big fat paycheck,
you wouldn't get ANY attention from me.
If you weren't bringing home the bacon, I'd have your useless ass kicked to the curb.
I've been fucking other guys, real men with BIG cocks!
You WISH you could fuck me the way they do! All those times you thought I was out with the girls, I was really out on dates.
I'm cheating on you with REAL men who know how to use their BIG cocks to fuck MY pussy PROPERLY!
Get wounded & wound up by Miss Pinky Galore!
I find my own perverted cruelty terribly exciting...
I'm a man trap made of pink quicksand.
I will tease, tempt, and mock you into feeling the same...
I love humiliation, forced confusion, forced orgasm,
ego stomping, financial domination, and verbal abuse.

My voice is a velvet wave of narcotic euphoria. You're going for the ride of your life!
Addiction comes quickly.
I will smother you with my breathy whispers.
I encourage you to loosen your mind, your wallet, and your limits!
You can't resist my Arsenic Aphrodisiac!.
Using you turns me on!
My voice sucks you in, my words spit you out.

I've noticed lately that you like it when I'm verbally abusive and sexually ignoring you.
You're starting to get used to it and you've begun to crave it!
You find yourself thinking about it at work..
wondering who I'm going to invite into your bed tonight...
while you're pathetically hiding in the closet, wanking and crying.
It's ridiculous! Maybe we should just lock your penis up in a cage, hmmm?
...and when you're NOT locked up, you have to PAY to stroke!
Go ahead and

Once my honey sweet voice has dripped into your ears,
you're going to have a hard time getting that sticky mess out!
I'm SUCH a greedy tease and you're willing to give me everything!

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I'm lovingly cruel and sadistically inclined! Addiction comes quickly in my snobby sticky Web of Lust!

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