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I have a confession…I am addicted…I am addicted to money. I am addicted to money and all the beautiful, luxurious things I can buy with it. Two to four meals a day at restaurants, tight dresses, designer heels, makeup, a personal trainer, plastic surgery, and endless spa visits. I learned early that My lavish lifestyle was far from cheap.

What was a pretty girl to do? Then the answer came along…fell right out of the sky…and it walked up to Me. He walked up to Me…My very first Sugar Daddy. He was a push over of a man. He bought Me any and everything My cold, diamond encrusted heart desired…and all I had to do was bat My pretty little eyelash extensions. Ha! Quickly into the relationship I realized I was insatiable. I wanted more and he soon accumulated debt… the thrill was gone…

Then an epiphany awakened Me…I was foreordained to be spoiled…that thrill was no thrill at all, but My purpose manifesting itself. It was then I knew I was sent to this world to drain the pockets of every weak-willed man. With My slim yet curvy figure, intelligence, seductive prowess, and sophistication, I would ensnare them and put them under My spell. Make them take Me shopping, get Me a new condo, pay My bills, and devote their lives and bank accounts to Me.

And now here you are…before Me, debating if you are brave enough to call…knowing how much you want to hand all of your hard-earned money over to Me. You long to support the lifestyle of a real Princess. You want that “thrill.” That itch won’t go away until you scratch it…and it will come back so you must scratch it again. You must continue to please Me in every way possible— maxing out your cards, emptying your savings account, working extra jobs, stealing from your wife…and dare I say prostituting? That’s right. You’re putty in My hands…you will do anything for your Princess…even rent out your body for Me.

So go ahead…you’ll feel much better…scratch that itch and overindulge...tribute, buy, click, call…you absolutely MUST do it all!

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