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Wriggle, tickle, caress and suck my toes ;)

You love socks, socks or all colors and lengths, and especially sweaty socks. Socks which have done an entire day’s work protecting and caressing my perfect feet. They can be dry, moist or drenched, depending on the activity I have been doing beforehand. You can watch me peel them off slowly, and wish you were there to smell them... or better yet order them from my "Dirty Laundry" page on my site, and have them to smell forever. Foot fetish is one of the most highest forms of worship any slave can partake in. You will be sitting at my feet, kissing them, and the very ground I walk upon. Watching me wash and moisturize them, watching me play in the sand, and enjoying the fresh shower water dripping over them. I film the adventures I take my feet on regularly, so if you are a lucky slave you will catch my regular videos on YouTube. But a true slave will purchase the FULL VERSION of each film. To adore My perfectly shaped feet, you must prove it by giving them gifts and purchasing the videos. Unless you buy the full version videos I will not believe you to be really worshipping me.  My feet are a size 8 and the most perfect looking in shape and color, like they have been cut from a cookie cutter. Each of my toes are a perfect length and shape when you look at them side by side. I also have a nice arch, not too high and not too low. The color of my skin is tanned from living at the beach, so they also have a very even skin tone. After years of dance and ballet, I can point and flex them well, and I am getting my wiggle skills back into my toes through practice at the moment. At the moment one of my favorite things to do, is massage in-between my toes with my fingers. I don't know why I never did this before, but its the best! You can see a few videos of my massages, and close ups of my soles and my painted little toe nails. I own a large array of shoes (stockings, socks and nail polish as well), from sneakers to stilettos, many colors and styles. If there is a particular pair of socks, shoes or nail polish that you would like to see me wear in my next video, then you must give me a nice healthy tribute. If you would like to see certain foot jewelry on my regal feet, this is also possible, as stated above, just make a tribute, and make a request. I cannot guarantee that ALL requests will finish off as videos or even be honored with any camera time at all –I am very busy you must realize this! I have My Queendom to run. However, for those slaves that have proven themselves worthy over time, I do pay a little more attention to your requests.