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Princess Jenissa

You Know You Want to $pend as I Laugh in Your Face

I am Princess Jenissa and you will address Me as Princess Jenissa.
Make ME happy today like a good lil' boy. You know you want to be MY favorite, right?

I am a high-class Ebony Financial Domme. Money Princess. Manipulator. Temptress. Spoiled. Greedy. Bratty. Superior Goddess.

I live a life of luxury, always have. I get what I want, when I want. No fascinating, fabrication or wishful thinking here but a real spoiled Princess. I’ve always been able to use My looks, seduction and cute laugh to get money from young and old wrinkled-up men fighting for My attention. College boys, lawyers, MD’s, wealthy professionals, Sugar Daddies, old bastards– you name it. All of them wanting Me! I love laughing at all of them as they spoil and give Me money for whatever I want but little do they know… They’ll NEVER have Me. Never touch Me. Never kiss Me. Never have a chance with Me!

My attention is expensive hence why it’s Elite Financial Domination and the only way to get it– is through your wallet! Your $20, $50 or even $100 tribute is pennies to Me and My lifestyle when I’ve had older privileged white men fork over hundreds and even thousands just for Me being Me. What did I have to do? Nothing. Just laugh, play with My hair, tease… I laugh at these men taking Me shopping or sending Me money. As their bank account gets smaller, My smile gets bigger.

I am always in the VIP section at the club (pays to be loved by club promoters), laughing at desperate females that look a hot mess and un-attractive men wandering around hoping someone like Me will give them My number or some attention. Hahahahaha! Not!

So if you haven’t noticed My fetish is very simple.


Dinero. Moolah. Dough. Racks. Cold hard cash. Whatever, you want to call– I LOVE it and all I want is YOURS. The adrenaline rush of spending your hard-earned money is indescribable. That power is very addicting and is what I crave.

Nothing makes Me happier or pleases Me more than seeing My bank account full and yours empty. Oh, and I didn't forget about you sissy boys! I know how bad you want to be included in My inner circle alongside my hot girlfriends!

You Know I'm Hot! Tribute Now Because I'm Perfect!

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Me in a Hot Pink Dress with One of My Real-Time Slaves:

My New Heels and Suckable Toes:

{3 PICS} My Sexy Legs and Heels:

Lick My Soles in My Black Fishnet Stockings (Up-Close Pic):

My Sexy Legs in Black Fishnets:

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