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*Verbal Venom* Femme Fatale* Cruelty Personified*

Life Is Suffering & Mistress Is Your Guide


This isn't the line for chit chat, a sensual Domme, or for those who think MAYBE they want to explore BDSM. I have other lines for that. So pull up your panties, click my name, and go find the one suitable for you sugars.
THIS LINE is for my special perverts who need an Alpha remind them of their insignificant place in this big world.

*Are you a sub human, pointless, piece of germ laden, discarded gum on the bottom of my stiletto?

*Are you a deviant who wants nothing more than for me to destroy and dehumanize you?

*Were you born with a sac of deformity between your legs that needs to be tortured?

*Do your inferior, pointless cock and balls keep you from being the type of sub you dream of being? SNIP* SNIP*

*Perhaps I should just erase you completely...a bit of Femme Fatale fun? ;) Hmmm, got your worthless cock tingly didn't I?

Don't even THINK of getting off to my profile words alone cumstain.
You are given release IF and when I decide. Understood C*NT???


No explanation necessary. You know your place c*nt.


Time to face the truth baby dick.


Oh, what fun we can have at your expense. Come find out how a REAL man pleases a woman...unless My stud cock man decides to use you and show you himself. I'll make you the perfect little fluffer.


I'll find your little sweet spot and press it until you are a BIG... PUDDLE... of NOTHING.

Human AshTray/Smoking MP4

Goddess L's Addiction Reinforcement MP4

Tease & Denial/Chastity MP4

Consensual Blackmail!

Cleavage Addiction MP4

$Financial Domme$ MP4

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***Pick Your Poison...a few more options***

  • Chastity & Key Holding
  • Forced Intox
  • Tease & Denial
  • Sissification
  • Smothering
  • Forced Gay & Pimping You Out
  • Jerk Off Instruction
  • Cum Eating Instruction
  • Pegging aka Strap-Ons
  • CBT
  • Castration Play
  • Femme Fatale
  • Objectification
  • P*ppy or P*ny Training
  • Force Feeding To Fatten You Up
  • Figging
  • General MindF*ckery
  • Witch, Succubus, Vampiress, Siren & Other Dangerous Playmates


<<i>Listen to your heart and cock's content while I go about not caring you even exist. ;) (you may want to send an email 1st so I'll be prepared for proper neglect)


That frivolous cup of coffee you NEEDED, or the ridiculous food and liquor rations you think you deserve. All of that wasted money was stolen FROM ME, and I expect to have every penny paid back.
Are you understanding me pet?
Some women just expect you to give and give with nothing in return, but I, wallet wanker, see it as a dance between us.
You itch for exploitation, and I scratch.
You thirst for financial ruin, and I quench.
You ache for complete financial submission and I soothe.
I am above you and you give.
I will savor the delicious agony as you submit that symbol of esteem which is most beloved to a man besides his cock...his financial success. Besides, YOU certainly can't be counted on to control your spending. I will manage you AND your money with a very generous "cut" for your Money Mistress.


Perhaps you need a dose of blackmail as a constant reminder of your place in this hierarchy. Will I really follow through?? Oh My little possession, that depends on you.
Choice 1 - I am the sexy bitch who can ruin your life until a safe word is called.
Choice 2 - I am the sexy bitch who can ruin your life... Period. The End. This choice includes signing papers for My protection.
There is no protection for you.
My BlackMail contract includes an indepth, invasive questionnaire, and I expect it to be filled out COMPLETELY to even be considered as My future victim. Understood?

*Tribute Your Goddess*

***Custom Audio Recordings & Video Clips***

Wouldn't you just love to have a custom audio recording or clip to addict you even further to me? My sensual voice, my overwhelming magnetism to experience over and over and over. Email me for more delicious details.

***Mistress Lana's IDs***

I just LOVE to see my sluts obeying me. Would you like to show off for your Alpha Domme? Add my Skype & Yahoo login by clicking the button below. I will NOT be on cam, and these ID's are only for use DURING a call.

Busy house? The Misses or the Boss around? Well my Skype or Yahoo ID will also be perfect while I talk to you and you type IM style. Another way to connect with Me whenever the mood "arises".

Mmmmmmmm, good boy. Now either call Me and make Me happy and creamy from using you up or Fuck Off.

Sub & Slave Questionnaire

$$$Financial Servitude Contract$$$

Access To My IDs

Pre-Call HypnoDomme Questions