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Dark Lady DRAINS your wallet!

***Lady Sage--Financial Domme and Humiliatrix***

I am many things. Beautiful, mysterious, sensuous, evil, and sadistic. I am the weaver of the dark web that you, my little fly, feel yourself drawn into. My mystic eyes entrance you. My ruby red lips, curled into a TRULY evil smirk, entice you to come closer, step on my web, and give EVERYTHING to me. Your soul, your humility, your dignity, and your wallet!

I am a Female Supremacist. By virtue of my birthright, all persons with an XY chromosome pair are placed on this Earth for one purpose and one purpose alone-to serve ME and to make ME happy. It is your SOLE desire to pamper me, lavish me with gifts, and send me tribute so that my life is as easy and carefree as possible. Your job is to suffer and go without so that I do not have to do so. All you have to do is ask. You NEED me. You NEED to spoil your Lady...

I am very tall (5'10) and very strong. I have a muscular build with super voluptuous curves. Don't let my mystic eyes fool you. My wrath is not to be provoked. Punishment is swift and SEVERE! You have been warned...

You are in no way worthy of speaking with me, little pigsnot! Most likely I will just listen to you babble on about how unworthy you are and how beautiful I am while all the while I laugh cruelly and DEMAND you spend even MORE on your dark Mistress!!!

As soon as I answer the phone with a "Hello", you will state the following VERBATIM--

***Lady Sage, PLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSE humiliate me!!!***
Don't you DARE hang up under 10 minutes or I will BLOCK YOU!