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The Meanest Verbal Abuse and Humiliation Ever

Call Now Slut!


After spending all day pretending to be a worthwhile human being, isn't it time to drop the act? After a few minutes talking to me you will remember what a worthless, subhuman, nothing you actually are.

I know what losers like you are looking for...For someone to understand that you are acting your way through every day of your pathetic life. You pretend to be an upstanding citizen and you pretend you are in control of your worthless existence. But I know better!

You are nothing, you are less than nothing, you are no better than the scum covering on a mud puddle. I know how your every thought is consumed with the knowledge that you are a pathetic, worthless loser and how every time you see a beautiful woman in the street you have to fight the urge to tell her what a piece of trash you truly are. Well, it's time to stop fighting. It's time to give in and let me remind you of all the ways you suck!